JJ Doll

JJ Doll is a new brand established in 2019, Runed by Shenzhen Aidou Robot Co., Ltd. Although it was established relatively late, JJ doll has developed rapidly. At present, it has developed more than a dozen lolita sex dolls and mature Japanese sex dolls, all are very popular on the market.
David Lee, the founder of Jingjun Doll said that sex dolls have three main functions:
First function is Aesthetic function. The realistic sex dolls are designed to look like goddesses in the eyes of men. They are very beautiful, allowing men to appeciate aesthetic enjoyment and play.
Second function is Special fantasy function.Many men fantasize about having sex experience similar to AV actress videos. Such as SM sex lovers, tied-up, whipped scene, dripping wax or other training. Since men are unable to find a real person to cooperate with, the sex doll is a great alternative.  
Third function is companionship needs function. Some men have difficulty in meeting woman, maybe they live in the middle of no where, maybe they are socially awkward. Some men had a family and now they prefer a simpler life.Sex dolls can be the female in their life as a role of girlfriend or wife.

David Lee said that,  in the future realistic sex dolls will evolve rapidly and become more like humanoid robots. Automatic movement, expression changes, interactive voice communication, constant body temperature, imitation of human body climax, flush response, spasm response, fluid secretion and other aspects will be gradually realized. In the future, the realistic sex dolls will be more two-dimensional personification, and every doll will be created with in-depth personality IP, so that the doll can have the love experience and emotional companion experience of the perfect  lover.
JJ doll aims to becoming the leading sex doll brand in the industry.