Game Lady

Game lady Sex Doll is a new silicone doll manufacturer in recent years. It was established in 2020. After 2 years development, Game lady doll has developed 6 head shapes and 3 body types. Game lady's dolls are based on role playing video games and action game characters, using AI modeling and real-life scanning modeling to create very realistic and fantasy sex dolls. Love doll lovers and video game lovers all love their sex doll.

Are you like Final Fantasy VII Aerith Gainsborough and Tifa Lockhart, The Witcher 3 Ciri, The Last of Us Ellie, Death-stranding Lockne and Mama? Game lady can make your dreams come true!

Note: Game Lady sex dolls are not genuine merchandise associated with the game or franchise, they are simply dolls displayed with cosplay outfits that resemble famous characters.

Game lady's sex dolls are mainly made of premium Silicone, which is safe, has high plasticity, and real touch, and it can give sex doll lovers the best experience.

Game lady sex doll features:

  • You can choose hair transplant or wig.
  • You can choose a fixed vagina or a removable vagina.
  • The head is silicone hard head.
  • The eyebrows are drawn.
  • The eyelashes are implanted eyelashes.
  • You can choose areola and labia colors.
  • The head and body can be separated, and the head can be changed.
  • Without finger bones, the nails of the hands and feet are painted, non-stick nails.
  • Gel breast, very soft.
  • There are only non-standing and non-spiked standing for foot option.

Now buy a Game lady silicone doll and get an extra silicone head for half price.