TAYU Doll Sex Doll

TAYU Doll was established in 2011. All doll skeletons are made of 304 stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and hardened parts. All the joints are tested for durability. TAYU Doll makes lightest-weight sex doll among all the famous brands. The body of the sex doll is platinum silicone with careful painting. The skin texture and tone resembles human’s. You can see the blood vein. TAYU Doll strives for innovation of designs and models.

You can customize:

6 wigs or 5 planted hair;

4 pupil colors: brown, blue, light green or dark green;

Color of nipples and labium;

With or without pubic hair;

Length of vagina: 13 or 15 or 18cm;

11 nail polish;

Standard joints or loose joints;

Feet without metal bolt heads;

Tanned skin and tan line;


All the doll will be packed in discreet package in different sizes:

Sex doll with height of 155CM: 149CMx41CMx35CM

Sex doll with height of 163CM: 159CMx41CMx35CM

Sex doll with height of 170CM: 159CMx41CMx35CM