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Doll-Forever was founded in 2016. Although its history is not long, the company has gathered very professional design and production experts in the industry. Their sex dolls are very popular with customers. They also have two brands, piper doll and doll house 168, and their sex dolls occupy most of the market.

Doll-Forever team have the great ability to design, develop and produce for real love sex doll. No matter the prototype design and creation, the research and development of raw materials formulation, the skeleton design or production techniques are easy for them.

Prototype creation: they have the strongest team in the doll industry, and they never outsource the prototype sculptures or mold making

Formula research and development: they are familiar with the raw materials used for various of real love sex doll’s production on the market. No matter the normal TPE or platinum TPE, They highly master its processing and material properties and formulation .

Skeleton: they have the best metal processing manufacturers, the best processing and technical personnel.

Production technology: they have the most stable production and after processing.

We reached a cooperation with doll-forever on July 2, 2021, selling doll-forever products and its other two brands: piper doll and doll house 168 on lovedollshops.com and tpesexdoll.com. If you like these brand Sex dolls, please assured to order here, we guarantee that the sale is genuine, and our products are all free shipping and tax-included. There will be a 10% discount if you contact customer service.