JY Doll

Most sex doll lovers know JY Doll, JY Doll is a leading supplier of TPE sex dolls based in Dongguan, China. JY Doll was founded in 2012 and has 9 years of manufacturing experience. The company has a large number of talents, including a team of transnational designers, full-process production workshop, an industry-leading mold engineering and equipment R&D center.

 JY DOLL is famous for exquisite face designs and elegant bodies. At present, JY DOLL has as many as 200 face shapes, dozens of body shapes, and four different materials. Their real sex dolls are very beautiful and realistic for a very reasonable price. Many popular sex doll are from JY doll.

Most of the realistic dolls manufacture by JY doll are Asian sex dolls. Fair skin, big chest and butt, and the height is generally 135cm-170cm. JY dolls are made from top quality TPE material that is  durable and realistic, Many doll lovers like this kind of sex doll.You can customize your doll from hair implant to premium skeleton. JY DOLL only makes high-quality TPE dolls and silicone doll.

JY doll is currently developing more flexible and lighter sex doll, which will be an innovation in this industry and will bring better products to doll lovers.