Irokebijin Doll


Irokebijin Doll is a brand owned by Dollhouse 168. It makes cute mini anime sex dolls at the height of 80cm to 95cm. All anime sex dolls are made from high quality TPE or silicone.

90cm TPE sex doll-Akane is the most popular girl. She brings joy to many people everyday. She offers best experience to anime lovers. Irokebijin love Doll factory makes lightest anime sex dolls. The weight is under 20kg so many people can lift her up easily. With the EVO upgrade, the skeleton and joints are flexible to pose vividly. You can try many positions with her and the only limit is your imagination.

The anime sex dolls are so fun to play with. With an affordable price, Irokebijin Doll is the best beginners’ and collectors’ choice. Don’t miss out! This Doll brand is your best choice when it comes to cheap and high quality anime sex doll.