OR Doll

OR DOLL sex doll with high technical standard TPE materials and advanced designs. They sell a lot of love dolls every day, cooperated with many sex doll shops. Their full size sex doll is cheap, but the quality is good, it is worth for the sex doll buyer.
ORDOLL is a love doll manufacturer founded in 2005. Their factory is over 20,000 square. Currently, they have a total of 230 employees, include professional sculptors, designers, and 20 technicians. They specialize in developing, designing, producing and selling TPE sex doll.
Their famous products are 165cm sex doll, 156cm sex doll( B.D.E.G.H-cup).146cm, 138cm,123cm, 108cm, Torso sex doll( H-cup breasts) and Torso small sex doll ( C-cup).