MOZUDOLL (Qidong Mozu Technology Co., Ltd) is engaged in research and development, manufacturing and sales of sex dolls. They make full use of advanced production technology to produce sex dolls with delicate skin and a true feel. You can also customize life-sized love dolls to restore the well-known IP role and break the boundaries between dimensions. "MOZUDOLL" is a dream Anime doll that can realize fantasies and various things that can only be experienced on a PC screen. Anime sex doll, lolita sex doll and cosplay sex doll are their main products, if you are the anime and cosplay fans, MOZU DOLL is your best choice.
They have some of the most prominent sculptors, make-up artists and mold makers in the industry. They pursuing perfect quality and carefully understanding each manufacturing process. ACG culture, realistic style and special aesthetic needs can all be realized.