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Do you want to have a Petite and cute "girlfriend"?

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Small Sex Dolls for sale! Our Silicone and TPE real sex dolls covers a wide range of body types, This hot collection"Mini Sex Dolls" is suitable for people who like small sizes and lightweight body.

We have cooperated with well-known sex doll factories to launch a lot of very cute tiny sex dolls, such as cat doll's 奈奈子 (Nanako), Dollhouse 168's ア二メ栞 (nao/Shiori).

Our purpose of launching the mini doll is to satisfy some people's "raising children" experience. It is very popular in Japan. Mini silicone dolls have real proportions and real touch, which are loved by many doll lovers.

The more well-known brands are: AXB Doll ( 65cm-130cm miniature sex doll), Cat Doll (professional production of micro sex dolls around 100cm), Doll house 168 (anime little sex dolls), irontech doll (popular midget sex doll). Most sex doll factories such as 6ye Doll, JY Doll, AF Doll, WM doll, Qita Doll, etc. also produce mini love dolls, but the quality is not the same. 

Not only these little girl sex doll are very suitable for "Raising children" experience, but also especially suitable for JK uniform makeup, pure girl dress-up, Lolita dress-up, cute costume dress-up. They can be used as models for shooting or video recording.

Lovedollshops provides value-added services for sex dolls

1.Lovedollshops not just sells sex dolls, we also produce sex dolls. If you want to customize your own sex dolls, lovedollshops can help you. We have the latest technology of making sex doll.

2.We provide exquisite makeup services. We have a professional team of makeup artists. You only need to show us what kind of makeup you like, and we will make up your beloved silicone sex doll according to your requirements.

3.Scene costumes and props package: We provide various props for sex doll use scenes, such as erotic underwear, SM props, JK uniforms, cosplay costume accessories, props for sexual addiction, etc.

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If you have any questions about mini sex dolls, plesae contact our professional customer service.

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