My Loli Waifu

My Loli Waifu doll is a brand owned by Jiusheng, which mainly produces loli-type sex dolls. If you like loli, then this brand will be made for you! My Loli Waifu has a wide variety of loli dolls for you to choose from.
Jiusheng-doll brand, though founded in 2018, is a OEM&ODM doll factory of several doll brands for years. Jiusheng specializes in super realistic silicone head, and semi-permanent realistic makeup on Tpe body.
We have been very talented in realistic doll head creation for particular. That’s why some doll brands such as WM, JY have been in contact with us for head creation.

We think sex doll is a piece of art. We think sex doll is your dear companion, your good companion. We pursue realism. We pursue creativity. We pursue quality.