120cm-129cm Sex Doll

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Here are some delicate sex dolls, all concentrated at 120-129cm, they are petite and cute, exquisite in appearance, and very convenient ... you know. Although they are small in size, they are in good shape and also have a flexible body and a real touch, a delicate realistic sex doll will not let you down. The sex dolls of this collection are most tpe sex doll, they all most realistic.

The most popular heights, such as 125cm sex doll, 128cm love doll. 125cm love doll is lightweight and affordable. We receive hundreds of inquiries every day. If you want to view the factory pictures of 125 flat sex doll, you can contact our customer service and we will send the pictures to you as soon as possible. In addition, you can also get a 10% discount

Click factory photos, you can check more  120-129cm mini sex doll factory pictures.

We provide real life sex doll,if you want to buy a mini real doll and experience the comfortable sex process ,you can take her home immediately!