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How to buy a sex doll?

Here we will tell you order a real doll is easy.

Here are various ways to browse through our huge collection of sex dolls on our website, but the easiest way is to search through our full collection. Once you've picked your favourite love doll, the rest is easy.

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Custom made sex dolls:

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What are Sex Dolls?

Sex doll is a type of sex toy that's crafted artistically to take after the most attractive women and men on the planet earth. Literally, life like sex doll bodies are anatomically perfect from their toes all the way up to their eyes. The aim of real doll manufacturing companies is to mold both male and female love dolls professionally to touch and resemble a lifelike human.

 Every sex toy doll is solid and will be crafted and shipped to you while having anatomic accessories, for instance, the anus, penis, vagina, breasts, among others. Thanks to advanced technology, some modern-day sex dolls are fitted with heating sensors that can replicate the skin temperature of actual human bodies. In the future, with the advancement in technology, manufacturers of sex dolls are trying to incorporate Artificial Intelligence in their real sex dolls.

People are fed up with the never-moving sexual partner. Now they wanted to see a few more unique features in it. Those robot sex dolls (AI sex dolls) will be more appealing.

Note: Don't confuse blow up sex dolls (inflatable sex dolls) with our realistic sex dolls for sale, our solid sexy dolls are made out of TPE or Silicone material, so they have the most realistic touch and feel. You can enjoy a perfect pleasure when have sex with sex dolls.

What materials are your dolls made of?

We offer high quality medical silicone dolls and TPE dolls.

Our dolls also have a flexible and fully articulated posable skeleton that will allow you to use them in any position you ever imagined.

All our dolls have been sculptured by experience sculptors and created to provide realistic sexual pleasure. Their bodies simulate lifelike vagina, anal and oral sex openings (oral for TPE and a few silicone models only). Both TPE and silicone are waterproof.

How to make a sex dolls?

  • Main body part. The main part of the body is mainly the upper body without a head. This part is relatively simple. We can use a unified mold, add the corresponding production materials, and then wait for remolding, a half body sex doll is completed. However, if we want to make a customized sex doll, It is necessary to make molds of corresponding sizes separately, which takes a certain amount of time and labor, so customized ones will also be more expensive.
  • The production of the head is relatively difficult, because it takes a lot of time to make a realistic face, and it takes us a lot of time and we has to bear the risk of multiple failures, so manufacturers usually choose to use 3D printing technology, 3D printing technology can easily print a delicate face.
  • The production of the chest also needs to be more careful, because what customers need is a sex doll with a soft and realistic chest.
  • Makeup and dress. After the sex doll is completely assembled, the manufacturer has to carefully dress her, just like this sex doll is going to date with you, put on a delicate makeup, wear beautiful clothes, and wear a beautiful wig , with beautiful nails... A very beautiful and touching sex doll is finished.

What is included with a doll?

  • We'll ship your dream sexy doll, a bikini or lingerie set, a blanket, and in some case we might add some other surprises or maintenance tools (depend on availability).
  • You can ask for specific outfits but we can't guarantee it. Keep in mind that in most cases our dolls have been styled with clothes, accessories and make up for photo display.

Why can't I find my order?

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How do I know if the order is successful

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In addition, you will receive an email from us, click on the email to see your information.

    Can I cancel my order?

    • If you place an order and want to cancel the order before the doll is shipped, you must notify us within 24 hours of purchase. Otherwise, we will charge a certain amount to make up for the loss. Because we will have production costs.
    • Once the doll is sent, it cannot be cancelled or refunded for any reason.

    What is the subsequent process after placing an order?

    • After placing the order, you will immediately receive a confirmation email containing the order details. You need to confirm whether the information is correct.
    • We will manually check your order and ensure that all information and details are correct. If something is missing or looks abnormal, we will contact you to confirm everything.
    • If you have final changes, we will provide a 24-hour grace period.
    • Then, your order will be delivered to our workshop management personnel and placed in the production queue. This cannot be modified. If you want to cancel the order, you need to pay a loss fee.
    • The doll manufacturing time is 7-14 days, depending on the brand and the difficulty of making the doll. The more customized requirements, the corresponding production time will increase accordingly.
    • Once the production of the doll is completed, our staff will conduct a thorough quality control inspection and take pictures of your doll for your approval. These photos are called factory photos. You need to confirm, if you are not satisfied with the factory photo, you can also modify it again, we will ship it after obtaining your consent. You need to confirm the information, otherwise it will not be shipped.
    • When your doll is sent out, you can check the express number, and you can check the logistics information of the doll in time according to the express number.

    How long will it take to get my doll?

    Once you have paid for your doll the production starts within 24 hours. Your doll should be ready for shipping within 7-14 days and delivery normally takes 5-8 business days.

    Total time from ordering to receiving your doll is approximately 12-22 days from placing your order to your doll been delivered.

    Can you ship a real sex doll everywhere?

    We ship our products worldwide (except mulsim countries), however there might be some restrictions in certain countries.

    Shipping is included, but in some countries extra import taxes might apply sometimes in case there is a customs inpsection (e.g. Canada, Europe, some countries in South America). Please reach out to us if you have any question.

    Do I need to pay for the shipping of the dolls

    • Of course not. We provide you with free shipping services. You don't need to pay forextra costs.
    • If you want other shipping methods, such as air freight. You need to cover the difference in value.
    • If you want to return or exchange, then we do not cover the returned freight, you need to bear the freight returned to the manufacturer.

    Where did our sex dolls ship from?

    In order to minimize the delivery time, unless otherwise requested, we ship directly from the main workshop. Shipping directly from the main production workshop is free.

    Regardless of direct or indirect shipping, our money-back guarantee applies to any and all dolls.

    Quality is of paramount importance to us, and we implement strict quality control procedures in our main production workshops to ensure that you get the highest quality products.

    What should I do there is damage to the doll during shipping?

    We will use the safest protective measures to avoid damage to the dolls during shipment. However, due to the carelessness of express delivery or other force majeure factors, our dolls are sometimes inevitably hurt.

    If you received any damage to the sex doll, please contact us within 24 hours. We will provide you with solutions as soon as possible. If it is partially damaged, we will mail the parts to you again, requiring you to repair it. However, if it is a large area damage, it needs to be sent back to the original manufacturer for repair.

    Where are you dolls from and where do you ship from?

    Most of our sex doll from China where all the sex doll brands are based, and most of orders are shipped from China. We also have offices in both the UK and US.

    Can i return my doll if i don't satisfied?

    Customer service is very important to us. We have a 7-day return policy, which means you have 7 days after receiving your item to request a return. However we do not cover the return shipping costs.

    We will either repair or replace the doll depending on the level of defect.

    You need to know about the return steps

    To start a return, you can contact us at realdolls2020@gmail.com or service@lovedollshops.com. If your return is accepted, we’ll send you a return shipping label, as well as instructions on how and where to send your package. Items sent back to us without first requesting a return will not be accepted.

    You can always contact us for any return question at realdolls2020@gmail.com or service@lovedollshops.com

    When can you recieve the refund?

    We will notify you once we’ve received and inspected your return, and let you know if the refund was approved or not. If approved, you’ll be automatically refunded on your original payment method. Please remember it can take some time for your bank or credit card company to process and post the refund too.

    In which case can you choose to return the product?

    To be eligible for a return, your item must be in the same condition that you received it, unworn or unused, with tags, and in its original packaging. You’ll also need the receipt or proof of purchase. 

    Is there any warranty?

    If your product or any part is damaged during shipping, please send photos to our email and we will assess the issue in order to provide the better solution (a replacement for that product or part damaged, a fixing solution or discount, it will depend on the nature of the incident.

    If the problem was caused by us or our manufacturers we will take care of it.

    We believe all our products are of high quality and our sex doll manufacturing partners have all been carefully screened to ensure that they can comply with the high standards we have come to expect. If you have any complaints or dissatisfaction please feel free to contact us so we can do our utmost to provide any suggestions or tips that may be able to resolve the issue. We appreciate any feedback as well as it can help us work with our manufacturers to avoid a repeat of these issues in the future.

    How to use sex doll when you recieve your sex doll ?

    • Step 1: Find an empty place to accommodate your sex doll.
    • Step 2: Lay your sex doll's package flat on the front, remember not to put it back
    • Step 3: Open the outer package with an opener or scissors
    • Step 4: You will see that the doll will be wrapped in a blanket. You cannot see her body. You need to open the blanket.
    • Step 5: The limbs of the doll will be covered with some foam. You need to cut these foams gently. Be careful not to scratch the surface of the doll's skin. Be careful.
    • Step 6: Install the head of your sex doll together. There is a bracket in the body of the doll. There will be a metal spiral head. Just connect the metal frame in the head of the doll with the metal frame of the body of the doll.
    • Step 7: The factory setting of the doll is without hair, that is, a bald head, you need to wear the doll's wig on the head, it looks like a complete beautiful doll.

    How to use sex doll for sex?

    • First, some sex dolls have separate vagina. You need to fix the vagina in the vagina of the sex doll. Because it is made of tpe or silicone, it needs to be made with dry hands and dry body, and it can be difficult to get wet.
    • Second, clean the entire body of the baby, it is best to disinfect, focusing on cleaning the baby's mouth, vagina and anus.
    • Third, apply talcum powder and begin to apply some baby powder to the hole bags of sex dolls and outside the masturbation device. It reduces the friction between the two surfaces.
    • Fourth, apply some lubricant to the masturbation device. Be sure to use water-based lubricant, otherwise it will damage your sex doll. After inserting the lubricant into the sex doll, it is best to put some lubricant in the masturbation device.
    • Fifth, condoms are also very good. It will be easy to clean and also very good in terms of hygiene. By using condoms will be realistic.

    How does sex doll feel

    • The sex part of the sex doll is very realistic. The appearance of the sex doll is to meet our sexual intercourse needs, so we have been pursuing more perfect sexual intercourse functions, especially in certain important parts, such as the vagina, anus, mouth and other parts, we use technology and special materials to simulated the most realistic parts, so you don't have to worry about this at all.
    • She looks like a real person as a whole. The second reason that makes you feel real is that she has realistic skin and face, a silicone sex doll made of silicone and a TPE sex doll made of TPE, they both have soft and elastic skin, it feels like touching a real person. She is not like the dolls that children usually play. Her height and weight are close to a real woman, so don't think that she is just a toy.
    • She can analyze your emotions. Artificial intelligence sex doll can analyze your emotions and then give you the most comfortable experience. Many movies have also shot similar artificial intelligence sex dolls. They can analyze the actual needs of humans and make behaviors that make humans happy.

    What can sex dolls bring you?

    • First of all, sex dolls can bring you the ultimate visual feast. Sex dolls have extremely good looking face, including various types, such as loli, anime characters, elder sister, cosplay, etc., and even your idol, your favorite star. They have exquisite facial features, so that you have a great interest in it at a glance, in this era of looking at the face, having a good looking is very important.
    • Secondly, sex dolls can bring you very good experience . Why do sex dolls bring you a good experience? Because sex dolls have a great figure, perfect breast shape, slender thighs, slender waist, and hips, this is a type of hormones that have been seen by people. I don't believe she can bring you a good experience? In our real world, it is difficult to find people with perfect body proportions.
    • Moreover, sex dolls can reduce our loneliness. Sex dolls can reduce our loneliness and make us feel happy. Maybe we feel that one person's life is also good, but two people will be happier. When you come home from work, eat alone, when you eat something delicious, at that time, there wasn't even a single person who eat with you.
    • Finally, sex doll can bring you a sense of security. sex dolls may not be able to interact with you, nor will they meet each other emotionally. This is its shortcomings but also its advantages. It avoids the constraints of facing real people. Sex doll can bring you the ultimate visual feast, good experience, a sense of security and so on.

    Unknown uses of lifelike dolls

    Too many otakus think that lifelike dolls are just tools for venting libido, and have no other purpose, but as dolls become more and more real, many of them can even do the work of normal people. Today I introduce to you the alternative uses of dolls.

    The doll can even serve as a spectator. This is the challenge that sports competitions all over the world will face in the future. If the competition can only be played in empty courts, how should the atmosphere be enhanced? South Korea's FC Seoul Football Club came up with a "coup".

    The medical contribution of lifelike dolls. First met MIKOTO, you may be a little disappointed, her face looks average, and it does not look different from other sex dolls. But when you know its function, you will not think so. After all, her task is noble, that is-"being injured."When the novice doctor does not operate properly, and MIKOTO is under excessive pressure or suffocation, she will react similarly to the real person.

    What are the common doll accessories?

    • Replaceable vagina

    There are many options for the vagina and buttocks, which can satisfy your discerning taste and bring maximum sexual pleasure. The vagina can also be purchased separately, and you can buy it at a low cost to get the sexual pleasure you need. The design of all openings is the same as the maintenance level of full-size sex dolls, so you can enjoy the fun of having sex like a fixed vagina. The removable vagina is easier to keep clean. If you customize a replaceable sex doll, then you can buy a replaceable vagina.

    • Wigs and eyes

    These are easy to replace and adjust. You can also mix and match different wigs, hair colors and eye colors for more fun, and choose the perfect heroine you want. You have always wanted to serve you in the bedroom. If you like to wear different styles of clothes for your sex doll, then wigs and eyes are crucial. This is a key factor in achieving harmony as a whole. If the hair and clothes do not match, it is really a very strange thing.

    • Detergent and repair kit

    The stain remover will help you keep your lifelike TPE sex dolls in their best condition after years of use. You will find your doll as refreshing as before, serving you, removing all stains and repairing them. The stain remover is a very magical chemical. On the body of the sex doll you apply, the sex doll will soon look like a new one, and you will be amazed by the beautiful posture of the sex doll.

    • Sex doll glue

    Sex doll glue is also a must-have accessory. In fact, your sex doll is a very fragile sex doll. She can't resist too many bumps. Especially for long-term use, the skin of sex dolls will inevitably be damaged. Most of these injuries are small wounds that do not require large-scale repairs, but when you see these small wounds, you will definitely feel distressed. At this time, you must use the glue of the sex doll. This is a very good adhesive, and the operation is simple. It only takes a few minutes to restore a new high quality sex doll.

    • Hanging hook

    If you don’t have a storage box, then you need to buy a hanging hook to help you store your sex doll. You can never put your sex doll on the sofa in your home or on the bed in the bedroom. If your friends come to visit your room, it will be awkward. Hanging the hook in a closet away from the floor is beneficial, and don’t place any sharp objects around it. After all, you don’t want your sex doll’s body to be scratched by some sharp objects.

    • storage box

    It is recommended to buy with each doll. Make life easier. Trust me. In a simple box, you can easily move the doll without distracting or causing the neighbor's weird eyes. After all, in the box, no one would wonder what was put in it, which preserves your privacy to a considerable extent. In addition, please prevent your doll from accumulating dust or scratching on the way.

    • Clothing

    The costumes owned by sex dolls are like paradise on earth. There are various sex dolls here. You can see that these sex dolls have different appearance characteristics. Different appearance characteristics are adapted to different costumes. If you are used to dressing up dolls and putting on different clothes, then you need to buy these accessories even more.

    • Anal cleaning machine

    Sex dolls need to be cleaned regularly, especially after use. Therefore, you can also consider buying a vaginal and anal washing machine. Every time you use the doll's mouth, anus, or vagina, you must clean the doll, every time you clean it. Otherwise, it will cause serious bacterial growth, which is not conducive to the health of the doll, and it is more likely to damage our health. Vaginal washing machine can effectively help us clean the dirt on sex dolls, and can solve our various problems very quickly.

    How to clean your sex doll?

    • Soap or shower gel. The doll does not need to be cleaned all over the body every day. You can clean the doll every 15 days. At other times, you only need to gently wipe the skin of the sex doll with a wet towel to clean the skin and let the dust off the surface.
    • Vaginal irrigator. The vaginal irrigator is a very convenient tool for cleaning sex dolls after use. Just move the doll to a clean position. In this position, the doll can drain, fill the vaginal irrigator with soap and water, and directly use the vaginal irrigator to rinse the inside of the doll. For best results, after using the doll, it is best to rinse it with cold water before adding soap or shower gel with warm water.
    • Loofah brush. The use of vaginal irrigators is limited. If you want to perform a larger range and a degree of cleaning, in order to obtain greater cleaning power, you can buy a loofah brush with stronger cleaning power. The loofah brush is both soft and hard, it can not damage the skin or internal organs of the doll when it is highly cleaned, and it is particularly convenient.
    • Care after washing. After cleaning, you need to gently wipe the baby's skin with a clean towel to dry it naturally, keeping the skin dry and soft. In the process of care, don't be lazy and impatient. Use a hairdryer or other heat sources to dry the doll.

    What kind of lubricant should I choose for my sex doll?

    Knowing that you should use lubricants during sex with sex dolls, you may have such doubts, which lubricant should I choose? What kind of lubricant will not harm the doll? Lubricants can play an auxiliary role in sexual relations with sex dolls. It can help you inspire the enthusiasm of dolls. Of course, lubricants should be used according to your choice. Our advice to you here is that you can only use water-based lubricants because other lubricants may damage your doll. If no lubricant is used, excessive friction will shorten the life of sex dolls.

    Most personal lubricants are designed for humans, so they can be safely used on the skin of sex dolls. However, for your silicone doll, it is important to use only water-based lubricants. Do not use any oil-based, petroleum-based or silicone lubricants, as they will damage your doll.

    The water-based lubricant is very easy to clean after use and will not harm the doll. Oil-based and petroleum-based lubricants are very difficult to clean properly because they are waterproof. Silicone lubricant can actually cause the silicone of the doll to deteriorate, making the surface porous and unusable, which will damage your sex doll and accelerate the reduction of the quality and life of your sex doll.

    Why apply talcum powder to my sex doll?

    First of all, it is determined by the material of the doll itself. The material of the tpe sex doll and the silicone doll itself will secrete oil, especially silicone. When the sex doll is placed for a long time, the silicone oil will be secreted from the skin surface of the doll, which brings us not Good touch. The feeling is sticky and cannot be erased. It's like removing the tape, but it still retains the tacky feel of the glue, which is not a good touch.

    Sex dolls are also the same reason. When you use talc powder, the oil on the surface of the doll material can be absorbed well, and it will not feel sticky when touched. This can give you a more comfortable feeling, make you feel smoother and smoother, and can effectively protect the surface skin of the sex doll.

    In addition, after you have cleaned the doll, and the moisture on the doll is almost dry, you need to apply some talcum powder to the doll. Because what you see has an appearance, the outside of the doll is dry. However, there are many small concentrations inside the doll. These small holes will absorb moisture.

    When the moisture on the surface of the baby's skin has dried, the small holes inside have not yet dried. Talc powder can effectively absorb these excess water, keep the pores in the skin in a dry state, which is more conducive to the maintenance of the doll. Prevent the growth of bacteria generated by excess water inside the doll.

    Do you need to make up a sex doll?

    We use silicone paint on the makeup for the dolls, which can be used for a long time and last for a long time, and it is not easy to fall off, but please do not wipe or wipe hard. If you treat the doll rudely, wipe the face of the doll vigorously with a towel, it is very easy to damage the makeup of the doll, and eyebrows and lipstick may fade.

    Never violently treat the doll's eyelashes, because although we use the strongest Glue, but there is still the possibility of falling. After all, you don't want to see a doll without long and eyelashes, it will be very strange and weird.

    If your baby's facial makeup has faded, you can repair it for her, which is also a good way. You can buy some female cosmetics and buy different colors of lipstick for the doll. If you are bored, you can even change the lipstick to the doll every day.

    The doll shows different facial gestures under different lipsticks. However, it should be noted that the makeup of the doll should not be too thick, and avoid too thick or greasy makeup, because they will be difficult to remove, or even clog the pores of the doll. If you want to remove makeup, it is also more convenient, just use a cotton pad plus a little makeup remover, and gently wipe the face of the doll.

    The four behaviors you may hurt to sex dolls.

    • First, don't let sex dolls sit or lie for a long time. When we buy back a sex doll, the most common way to place it is to let it sit or lie down. In fact, this is not conducive to maintaining the perfect shape of the sex doll.
    • Second, don't put your sex doll in a humid environment. A humid environment will breed a lot of bacteria. Although the sex doll is just a sex tool, but it is the item that has the closest relationship with you, so protecting the sex doll is to protect yourself. If you put the sex doll in a damp places, sex dolls will be moldy, and there will be many small black spots on the skin and clothes.
    • Third, pay attention to dust treatment. The sex doll's body is easy to accumulate dust. Do you still want to use a dusty sex doll? The answer is of course no. No one likes a dirty thing, so when you don't use sex dolls, put sealed and stored, so that it avoids moist air and does not accumulate a lot of dust.
    • Fourth, we should always give care to sex dolls. Although the skin of the sex doll is not real skin, it still needs to be treated, and its care is relatively simple.

    If we accidentally dyed the skin of the sex doll

    Once the color is dyed, it is difficult to remove. There are three methods for your reference:

    • First: 3% hydrogen peroxide is diluted with water at a ratio of about 1:5, add a few drops of ammonia or soda ash solution, and soft brush dipped in the solution to lightly brush. To further improve the bleaching effect, the solution can be heated appropriately.
    • Second: Dissolve the insurance powder in warm water to make a 3 to 5% solution, and use a soft bristle brush dipped in the solution to lightly brush. This is a method of reducing bleaching. If the above method is used properly, the dyeing should be removed.
    • Third: Use products such as olive oil and decolorizing cream to remove color from sex dolls. First apply olive oil to the sex doll, then apply the decolorizing cream to the stained area, let it sit for a while and then rinse it.

    How to make my doll’s eyelashes perfect new?

    • Step 1: Preparation. First of all, you need to prepare everything you need so as not to operate in a hurry. Preparing in advance helps increase your work speed. The tools you need to prepare are false eyelashes for the upper and lower eyelids, tweezers, eyeliners, special glue for eyelashes, toothpick fixation, and eyelash curlers.
    • Step 2: Clean. Clean the skin around the eyes of your doll, it is best to use a towel and water to clean it, to avoid excess dust affecting the effect of false eyelash adhesion. Be sure to wait for the eye skin to be completely dry, so that we can effectively help us install false eyelashes.
    • Step 3: Adjust the original eyelashes. It depends on your operation. If your doll has more original eyelashes, you need to clip the original eyelashes. It is best to wipe it with alcohol to avoid affecting the installation of new eyelashes. But if your sex doll has fewer original eyelashes, you don't even have to. You only need to clean the skin around your eyes and clip it a little.
    • Step 4: Install false eyelashes. This is the most important part of the entire process, you need to be careful. First, take the eyelashes out of the box. You need to adjust the length of the eyelashes first. You can adjust the length of the eyelashes according to the length of the doll's eyes and put it on the eyes of the doll to check it, which is more beneficial to your operation.
    • Step 5: Draw eyeliner. After the eyelashes are fixed, you will see some white glue around. This is a good solution. You can use an eyeliner to draw it. Draw the eyeliner along the root of the eyelashes, you can't see the difference, and the eyelashes of the doll will be more natural and beautiful. She is as beautiful and charming as you saw her in the beginning.

    How to maintain our standing sex doll properly?

    When you don’t need to use the doll, you need to store it properly. You must never put the doll into the storage box casually. In this case, your doll will be very sad. The most important thing is that when you store the doll, you must not fold it and store it, such as putting the doll in the box, or keeping the doll in a squatting position for a long time, these actions are extremely harmful to the doll's body.

    Keeping the folded posture for a long time will not only make the metal joints inside the doll flexible, but also put the body weight of the doll on a bracket for a long time. For a long time, this bracket may deform the bracket and affect the flexibility with other parts . In addition, the skin of the doll is also easy to change, because the skin of the doll is not exactly the same as the human body, and she cannot quickly return to the original state. If you keep the sex doll in the same posture for a long time, it is very easy to deform the skin of the doll and produce some unsightly wrinkles. Sadly, these damages are irreversible.

    The best storage posture is that the hands and feet of the doll naturally hang down without any bending. You can install a hook to hang the head and body from the hanging hook dedicated to sex dolls. This method will be very efficient. Your doll is stored and will not cause extensive damage to the doll.

    How to pierce the sex doll safely?

    • Step 1: Preparation

    First of all, before piercing, you need to prepare some more tools, these tools will help you to perform piercing well, prepare in advance, you do not need to be in a hurry, no need to increase the burden of work. The tools you need to prepare are actually very simple, you don’t even need to go out and buy these things, because you have these items in your home.

    • Step two: tie holes

    When we are ready to pierce the doll, we need to start piercing the doll. First pick up your bead needle, find a suitable place to pierce on the ear of the doll, and then use the bead needle to pierce it all at once.

    • Step 3: Put on the earrings

    It is not easy to insert earrings, which requires us to react quickly. When our bead needle is pulled out, we can see the small hole in which the ear of the doll is pierced. At this time, we will immediately insert our earrings into the In the hole, this process must be fast, otherwise the hole pierced by the ear of the doll will quickly restore its original state, and you need to pierce it again and repeat the same work.

    • Step 4: Fix the earrings

    When you insert the earrings in the front part, it will fall off very easily. You need to use the holder of the rear earrings to prevent the earrings of the doll from falling off. In the process of penetration, you must be careful with your hand.

    How to clean your wig of your sex doll?

    Step 1: Prepare

    If you are cleaning your hair for sex dolls for the first time, you will need to prepare all the materials, otherwise, if some cleaning supplies are missing, your cleaning steps may be disrupted, and the hair of the dolls may be damaged. Therefore, before cleaning the doll's wig, you need to prepare: shampoo, towel, comb and hair oil.

    Step 2: Wash the wig with conditioner

    The doll's wig can be removed from her head. Do not wash the full size sex doll's head together. Just take off the wig of the sex doll and wash it separately. This will greatly save your cleaning time. When washing your wig, you need a lot of water to make it thorough.

    Step 3: comb the wig

    You need to brush the wig lightly. Operate from the tip of the hair to the root, taking care not to pull too hard to avoid excessive breakage. Otherwise, your sex doll's hair will soon be gone. It takes a lot of patience to comb the hair. This is a very delicate matter. If your doll's hair is entangled, you need to gently untie the tangle with your fingers, and don't treat the sex doll's hair roughly.

    Step 4: Apply oil after drying

    Hang the sex doll's wig in a cool and dry place, avoiding direct sunlight. The doll's hair is still relatively fragile. Too much light will cause the doll's hair to be extremely fragile, shortening the life of the doll's wig, and combing the doll's hair gently will naturally break.

    Can wholesale save more money?

    The more you buy, the more you can save.Now all retail customers can enjoy this incredible experience thanks to our Wholesale Program. Save money by adding more products to your shopping cart and enjoying a higher discount on your wholesale orders.

    How much discount can wholesale get?

    Enjoy a 5%-30% wholesale discount and a bulk buy discount at the same time. The amount of the wholesale discount will be automatically deducted from your order total in the shopping cart.

    Wholesale Exclusive Price

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    Wholesale+ Service

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    What options can customize your dream sex doll?

    • Body:

    The body refers to the model number and often includes the height, breast size and manufacture of the doll.

    Example - WM166C. The Brand is WM, the height is 166cm, and the breast cup is C.

    When viewing a pre-configured sex doll, the body is pre-selected. To change the body, search through our sex dolls here, and select a doll with a body that you like. Doll's come in all different shapes and sizes.

    Almost any body-shape imaginable is available.

    • Head:

    All heads have a specific name or number (depending on the manufacturer). Most manufacturers give their doll's head a number, some manufacturers give them names.

    The head name or number can be found in the doll's description.

    Heads are not connected permanently to the doll's body (unless purchasing a Piper Doll) and can be removed or changed at any time.

    All heads can be made to look very different depending on make-up, eye colour and wig choice.

    We list the most popular heads on our site or you can give us a picture to custom your own doll head.

    • Skin:

    Skin refers to the doll's head and/or body colour.

    Each manufacturer has unique skin colour options, each with a specific name.

    Most manufacturers have a variety of skin tones ranging from white, natural, pink, light tan, tanned & cocoa.

    The most popular sex doll skin tones are "Tanned" and "Light Tan".

    • Eye colour:

    Eyes for sex dolls

    The eyes of a sex doll are not fixed permanently and can be removed/changed at any point.

    A change of eye colour can significantly change the whole look of your doll.

    Can't decide which eye colour you like best? Why not add an extra set of eyes so you can switch between the two colours any time you like?

    • Wig:

    Each manufacturer has a specific selection of wigs that they offer, dolls don't grow their own hair, they have wigs. There are a huge amount of wigs to choose from.

    The wigs available have been chosen by the manufacturer, the selection is designed to give you a wide variety of styles to choose from.

    • Areola size:

    The areola is the circular area surrounding the nipples, the size refers to the diameter of the areola.

    The areola is hand finished (stained by hand using TPE stain) by the workshop artists and can be made to any size (within reason). However, the dolls often have a textured area pre-moulded into the doll's body which can restrict the recommended areola sizes, these textured areas are usually visible in the doll's photos. Of course, it is possible to stain the doll's areola to any size larger than the textured area, but it's not necessarily recommended...

    • Areola colour:

    dollsMedium areola option for sex dolls

    The areola is the circular area surrounding the nipples.

    The areola colour is hand finished (stained by hand using TPE stain) by the workshop artists and can be made any colour. Generally, we recommend making the areola and labia colour the same or similar.

    • Vagina option:

    The vagina option is available in two options: Fixed or Insert.

    The fixed vagina is a built-in-vagina, permanently moulded into the doll's body.

    The insert vagina option looks similar, but the internal opening is slightly wider to accommodate a removable "sleeve" insert, designed to ease the cleaning process.

    Here are some pros and cons for both options so you can make up your own mind.

    • Breast:

    Many (but not all) of the dolls available offer the choice of solid, or hollow breast.

    What's the difference? Other than one being hollow and the other NOT being hollow... The hollow breasts are "squishier" and help with reducing the overall weight of the doll, particularly if you are considering a doll with extra large boobies...

    • Labia colour:

    The labia is hand coloured to your requirements. All manufacturers offer basic colouring and definition, some manufacturers (such as Irontech) offer ultra-realistic artistic definition and detail in the naughty parts upon request.

    • Pubic Hair:

    We all know what pubic hair is, some of us love it, some of us can't stand the stuff...

    Either way, pubic hair is available in multiple styles and colours.  Some manufacturers (like Gynoid doll) plug the hair into the doll's skin to give it a more realistic look and feel. Others simply glue the hair onto the surface of the doll's skin.

    • Fingernail + Toenail Colour:

    Like real fingernails + toenails, they can be painted. There's not a lot more to explain about nail colour, other than - You can choose the colour.

    • Feet:

    Standing or non-standing feet for sex dolls

    The feet are available in two options: Standing or Non-Standing.

    Standing feet are by far the most popular foot option with our sex dolls, as you may have guessed, the standing foot option enables the doll to stand upright.

    With the standing feet option, there are three (very small) metal bolt heads that protrude slightly from the bottom of the foot to enable the doll to stand unassisted. In our opinion, this small visual sacrifice is worth it, you can stand your doll for long periods of time for photography, intimacy or storage. However, we recommend not leaving your doll free-standing whilst unsupervised as he/she may fall and become damaged.

    The pros and cons between fixed vagina and insert vagina you should know when you customize sex doll.

    1.The Fixed Vagina (Permanent)


    The fixed vagina is more realistic aesthetically.

    It is more realistic to the touch. (the inside "chamber" is the same on both)

    It can be easier to use if you’re not “fully erect”.

    You can control how tight the vagina is by opening the legs.

    You can place your doll sitting over a container or bucket to wash.

    You can have a shower with the doll using a shower hose to clean.


    It can be cumbersome to clean the doll if your doll is large, heavy or non-standing.

    If you are ever going to resell the doll, it is less appealing to buyers.

    The Vagina Insert (Removable)

    2.Vagina insert option for sex dolls


    You can remove the insert from the doll for easy cleaning.

    The vagina cavity is suitable for use with a penis adapter.

    You can have a second insert ready while the other is drying.

    You can purchase different size inserts.

    You can replace the insert.

    It appears the same as the fixed vagina on the outside.


    The insert needs powder to insert.

    It can be annoying to insert when lubricated.

    It feels less realistic to the touch on the inside.

    There can be additional movement.

    Will my purchase privacy be seen?

    You don't need to worry about this, because we will strictly protect your privacy. No one else can know the specific content of your purchase.

    For customers who want to buy sex dolls, they are most concerned about personal data and privacy issues, so they will hesitate. Therefore, lovedollshop promises that we will keep the privacy of our customers confidential and will not let you buy a doll as a well-known thing.

    How do we protect your privacy?

    First of all, there will not be any information about dolls on the shipping box, even if it is a courier note, no doll information will be filled in. We guarantee that the doll's information is absolutely private.

    In addition, the doll will have a blanket around the body, which not only helps the sex doll protect its body, but also helps protect privacy. Even if the express box is opened, it is still impossible to know what is inside. The courier may think it is a Christmas tree or a large bicycle. Even your shadow does not know what is inside. We promise that only you know what is in it.