What does the most expensive sex doll look like

What does the most expensive sex doll look like

June 30, 2020


Nowadays, the manufacturing process of sex dolls is more and more developed. A large number of sex dolls are manufactured. They look exactly like real people. According to the use of materials and accessories, sex dolls also show different beautiful states. The price of sex dolls is usually more expensive, you need to spend a lot of money to get a sex doll. Some of the hottest dolls on the market are priced between $1,000 and $2,000. These are relatively regular prices. You can get a lot of good-quality sex dolls to get the ultimate sex experience.

What does the most expensive sex doll look like Sex dolls become artworks

Gentlemen often joke online that “your wife is either left or right or inflated”, sex dolls are indeed a relatively common adult toy, but sex dolls pay attention to the penny and the goods, usually, Thousands or even tens of thousands can buy one. These cheap sex dolls can also bring us a better emotional experience. As long as the sex dolls are purchased through regular manufacturers, these dolls have quality assurance, the use of materials is healthy, and will not harm your body. And just like real people, these sex dolls are the perfect replacement for real people.


The continuous development of sex dolls has promoted the development of the entire adult industry. The function of many sex dolls is not only to satisfy people's sex but also to the level of artworks. These sex dolls are very delicate, and every part of their bodies has been carefully Polishing, after many times of repeated modification and measurement, so we restored the most exquisite sex doll.

The Japanese company "Oriental Industries", which specializes in making high-quality sex dolls, recently held a sex doll theme exhibition combining sex dolls with Japanese art, displaying ultra-high-quality adult dolls, which has completely failed to see any Erotic elements, but sublimated to the realm of art.

 What does the most expensive sex doll look like

"Oriental Industry" is an old sex doll company in Japan that has specialized in manufacturing high-quality sex doll bodies and related accessories since 1977. Next year, this company will celebrate its 40th anniversary, and a sex doll will have the 40th anniversary. The company has become an elite. Currently, there are 27 sex doll characters under Oriental Industry covering most types of women from Yu Jie to Lori. The sex dolls of Oriental Industry are based on real sisters as model references. Design, these 27 sex dolls mean that there are 27 girls behind them as models.


Sex doll price

These sex dolls are expensive, close to 70,000 US dollars, which is almost sky-high. To know that an ordinary sex doll only needs 1000 US dollars, and the price of these sex dolls has already exceeded the normal price. It can be called a work of art. It is precisely because of the human and material resources behind these dolls that the materials used to make the dolls are top-grade materials, so such a delicate and expensive doll is made, making people Marvel.

Oriental Industry also launches accessories of different shapes from time to time, which allows gentlemen to continue to allow gentlemen to buy different accessories to dress up their dolls after purchasing the body. This is the same as the mentality of the dolls. A sex doll similar to Hirano Aya was also introduced.

The theme exhibition of sex dolls held by the Oriental Industry is called "Artificial Otome Art Museum". It is a combination of Japanese art and sex dolls. Japanese art critic Yuji Yamashita is the stylist supervision of sex dolls. The above shows both erotic sex dolls wearing traditional Japanese costumes and kimonos, as well as sex dolls based on paintings created by Japanese post-modern painters. Without exception, these adult dolls are infinitely close to real humans in appearance. It can satisfy the greatest delusion in the human brain.

 What does the most expensive sex doll look like


What does a high-priced sex doll look like?

Unlike the sex dolls made by Oriental Industry in the past, in order to be more realistic, this time the original dolls were specially modified in length and foot to create a super realistic sex doll that surpasses the original paintings. Every detail of these dolls seems to be a masterpiece of God.

Yuji Yamashita, an art critic who served as a supervisor, mentioned that when he first received the case of wanting to make the characters in the painting into dolls, the first thing that came to mind was the Japanese ukiyo-e. But how to show the simple planar beauty of Ukiyo-e in three dimensions is a very nerve-wracking thing. After inspecting and experimenting with the works of the Ukiyo-e era, I finally chose to use the works of Chi Yongkangsheng, famous for modern beauty paintings.

 What does the most expensive sex doll look like


Not even letting out the hair details! Instead of using general wigs, instead of using hair transplants, plant the hair one by one to show the effect of natural hair growth. Even the often neglected part of the posterior neck joint has made special efforts this time. The wrinkles on the face of the sex doll are very realistic, and some wrinkles of the skin are caused by the rotation of the muscles. And the lines on the doll are clearly visible, and they look like real people. Even more beautiful and exquisite than realistic characters.


Rather than saying that this is a doll, it is the same as the artificial prosthesis in "Ghost in the Shell". If one-day human technology is developed to give the doll a soul, these dolls will be peerless beauties. Imagine that these sex dolls will evolve into robot sex dolls, they may have human consciousness, think like a person, she will talk with you, she talks with you. The feelings between you have steadily increased. She can also give you endless care, knowing any of your sex addictions, and bring you the best emotional experience so that you can never leave her. She can be your best friend or your confidant, or she can be your wife and help you clean.

 What does the most expensive sex doll look like

Of course, the most expensive sex dolls are good. The quality of sex dolls is often proportional to the price, but it is really not necessary to pay a higher price than yourself. Affordable sex dolls can meet our daily needs very well. They also have good flexibility. The skin is as flexible as real people, so people can't put it down. If you want such a cost-effective sex doll, please contact us.

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