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A moving and talking robot sex doll

November 07, 2020

The robot sex doll is the smartest thing that exists in this era. Like an intelligent sweeping robot, it can well meet the needs of people who are too lazy to sweep the floor. It can sweep the floor completely clean at home. When it hears the command from the owner to let it rest, it will quickly return to the place where it is charging, so that it can clean itself and save some energy for the next work. Intelligent things can understand and understand the needs of human beings. Therefore, the robot sex doll will also be intelligent. It will analyze and respond accordingly after hearing the commands of human beings. Of course, this must be an order related to daily life and sex. Otherwise it will go against it being called a robot sex doll. Next, let us introduce the robot sex doll.

A moving and talking robot sex doll


Robot sex dolls are the embodiment of intelligence in the era. Human beings contribute some of their own technology and consciousness to the creation and manufacture of machines that can understand their own instructions. This brings a lot of convenience to human life. In addition to sweeping robots, there are driverless cars, mobile phones, computers, etc. These are all intelligent machines created for the convenience of human life. In terms of sex, from the original inflatable doll with no sense of beauty and usability, to the physical silicone sex doll, to the sex doll with simple heating function, to the robot sex doll that is about to go on the market now. These are all for the convenience of unresolved sexual relationships. The intelligent robot sex doll will make corresponding actions according to the commands issued by its owner. These are all like a person. After hearing the task ordered by the leader, he analyzes it in his mind and makes a corresponding response within the corresponding time. Intelligence is to imitate the series of human actions. This is the case with robot sex dolls.

A moving and talking robot sex doll


The smart robot sex doll looks the same as an ordinary sex doll. It can be an anime sex doll, an elf sex doll, or a mini sex doll. The only difference is that its body has a set of machines that can control it. This set of machines is what makes it "live". When you have an intelligent robot sex doll, you say a command to it: "Turn on". It will make a power-on sound, like a reply like "Nice to meet you, my master". When you are about to have sex with it. You turn on its voice system mode, and it will provide you with auditory satisfaction during sex. Just like this, when your penis enters her vagina and touches the system that is connected to her vagina, her system will send instructions to make it a life of a woman who breathes gently. When you have intense sex with it, it will make the kind of exciting and comfortable gasping sound that a woman makes during sex. Some more advanced intelligent robots have automatic action systems in addition to voice systems. That is, after you make a boot command to it, it will raise its hand and wave to you to indicate that it has booted. The advantage of this kind of intelligent sex robot is that when you are having sex with it, it will make corresponding changes to its own posture according to your instructions. When you tell it to bend down, it will slowly bend down on its own. This will save you a lot of time and energy to swing it when you have sex with it.

A moving and talking robot sex doll


Traditional sex dolls can solve sudden sexual impulses, but this experience will be much worse than smart sex dolls. Why do you say that? First, the intelligent robot sex doll has the body proportion of an ordinary big breast sex doll. Second, the smart sex doll can follow your instructions and react accordingly. It allows people to save time and energy during sex with dolls, and can focus more on sex, so that they can well solve their sexual needs. Third, the erotic gasping sound stimulated by sex by robot sex dolls can better reflect the beauty of the environment, which can help men produce more male hormones during sex, thereby stimulating sexual impulses. Satisfy the auditory enjoyment during sex. The smart sex doll is an upgraded version of the current silicone sex doll. So if you have enough principal, the era of intelligence will really wave to you.

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