Yuqudoll 163cm silicone quiet sex doll Zisse

Yuqu Doll

Zisse is a well-known social flower. She has insight into the hearts of all men and can immediately know what you want. She likes to get along with different people, because she has met so many men. But I can't find the one I love. She could not find the true love in the world, as if all love was hypocritical. She doesn't believe in love or the future. Drinking a lot of wine every day, can you fall in love with this sexy stunner and save this lost girl. 

Size & Info

  • Height: 163cm
  • Breast line: 96cm
  • Underbreastline: 71cm
  • Waistline: 62cm
  • Hip line: 94cm
  • Shoulder width: 35cm
  • Thighline: 51cm
  • Calfline: 31cm
  • Arm Length: 67cm
  • Leg Length: 88cm
  • Feet Size: 22.5cm
  • Weight: 41kg