YL Dolls 155cm A Cup Elf Sex Doll - Shael Pixie

YL Dolls

Her ears are so cute. She is an elf sex doll, she doesn't seem to belong to the world, but she is indeed created by man. Her innocence and innocence make you infatuated. You can write a love letter for her to let her know what you want. The love between you must be very successful. There are no twists and turns, no difficulties, she loves your talents. She wants you to write a few more poems for her, praise her emotions and praise the love between you.

Size & Info

  • Brand              YL
  • Doll size           YL 155cm A cup (Small Breasts)
  • Height             155cm / 5ft 1
  • Head               34
  • Weight kg        31kg
  • Weight lbs       68lbs
  • Full bust          72cm
  • Under-bust      65cm
  • Waist               58cm
  • Hip                  81cm
  • Foot length     21cm
  • Leg length       83cm
  • Arm length      65cm
  • Shoulders        35cm
  • Vagina depth   17cm
  • Anus depth     17cm
  • Oral depth       13cm
  • Cup size           A
  • Material          TPE