YL Dolls 146cm O Cup | Big Sex Doll - Rania

YL Dolls

A truly beautiful woman can transcend the age gap. The beauty of a woman: in appearance and temperament; the cuteness of a woman: in love and wisdom. Among these things, the only thing the little girl really has is her appearance. But she has both. She has both temperament and looks. What's more, she has the wisdom to perceive everything. If you have any troubles, she is your best person to talk to, she can fully understand your troubles, and then give you wholehearted comfort. Do you want her to comfort you with her body, or her wisdom to comfort you?

Size & Info

Brand              YL Dolls
Doll size           YL 146cm O cup
Head               188
Height             146cm / 4ft 9
Weight kg        47kg
Weight lbs       103lbs
Full bust          108cm
Underbust      55cm
Waist               58cm
Hip                  127cm
Foot length     20cm
Leg length       80cm
Arm length      55cm
Shoulders        33cm
Vagina depth   17cm
Anus depth     17cm
Oral depth       13cm
Cup size           O