YL Dolls 146cm O Cup Big Boobs | Sherry

YL Doll

Although no longer young, even though the great wheel of time cruelly crushed the messy wrinkles on that smooth face, the gentle woman is still tender, genuine, refined and delicate, quietly caring for the relatives around her, In the fine whispers, she became more and more charming. Their gentleness is more touching than flowers, their care is more fresh than flowers, and their kindness is more holy than flowers.

Size & Info

  • Brand              YL Dolls
  • Doll size           YL 146cm O cup
  • Head               271
  • Height             146cm / 4ft 9
  • Weight kg        47kg
  • Weight lbs       103lbs
  • Full bust          108cm
  • Underbust      55cm
  • Waist               58cm
  • Hip                  127cm
  • Foot length     20cm
  • Leg length       80cm
  • Arm length      55cm
  • Shoulders        33cm
  • Vagina depth   17cm
  • Anus depth     17cm
  • Oral depth       13cm
  • Cup size           O