Lara is an absolutely submissive girl. She sits on the bed in a blue maid's suit waiting for you to give orders. She will listen to you no matter what you say and she loves the feeling of being ordered around by you. She craves wild sex, and if you can play with her she will definitely follow you forever. If you are a BDSM lover, then lara is definitely for you! She will be thrilled with this! 



  • Made in silicone for the face
  • Made in TPE for the body
  • Height :158cm
  • Shoulder Width: 36cm
  • Upper Bust: 83cm
  • Lower Bust:70cm
  • Waist size: 60cm
  • Hip size :88cm
  • Arm Length:48cm
  • Leg Length: 77cm
  • Feet Length: 22cm
  • Weight : 26.76kg
  • Packing size: 143*38.5*24.5   35kg
  • Articulated metal skeleton
  • For Anal and Vaginal Sex
  • Depth Vaginal : 17cm/ Anal: 15cm
  • Brand XY DOLL 


XY Dolls' sex dolls are for sale! XY doll is a new brand but put its name on the map as soon as it appears.

XY real sex doll combines materials of TPE doll and silicone doll.  They use different materials for the head and body. Giving to the different advantages, the head is made of silicone, to ensure that it restores the design of the real human head to the greatest extent. And the relalistic doll designers use TPE to ensure the softness of the body.

The XY realistic sex dolls are delicate, surreal, and flexible, making them a very effective erotic alternative to your sex life. Buy XY doll sex dolls in our store, you will get sex dolls of the highest quality.