WM 166cm Small Breast Sex Doll Exotic Jacqueline

WM Doll

Jacqueline's skin must have been tanned on the beach along the Mediterranean Sea, and her body seemed to be continuously flowing out of sweet honey. You can't help but want to kiss her perfect body. And the figure is very high, for each super real silicone sex doll with delicate breasts, you can customize her eyes, hair, breast size, areola and other types. No matter which type you like, we can meet your needs, she will take you to experience a variety of wonderful times!

When you are starting the sex session, you will be developing further chemistry with your partner, are you the lucky one? The bond, no one else understands, you can feel it when both of you are in one.

Height(cm) 166cm(As Model) Neck circumference 30
Full Bust(cm) 82 Calf Circum(cm)
Waist(cm) 52 Thigh Circum(cm) 33
Hips(cm) 85 Leg Length(cm) 92
Arm Length(cm) 63 Foot Length(cm) 21
Cross Shoulder 37 Net Weight 33kg
Gross Weight(kg) 42