WM 155cm Small Breast Thin Waist Sex Doll Celia

WM Doll

Celia is wearing a zebra striped underwear. She's cute and she's petite. When you're standing with her, you'll feel tall, which helps to improve your masculinity.
Her deep and charming eyes are delicate and moving, and her expression seems to be able to speak, which makes people want to protect. She has a very comfortable figure.
But today she's stuck in your remote cabin, snowing, and the ski lift is being repaired. Celia, who has nothing to do, has no clever invention. She slowly undressed and began a new game. It's a game of trial and play. What's the second step?


Height Breast Waist Hip Cross Shoulder Arm length Hand length Leg length Foot length Arm circumference Thigh circumference Calf circumference Neck circumference Net Weight Gross Weight
155cm(As Model) 65cm 40cm 75cm 31cm 45cm 15cm 83cm 18cm 22cm 41cm 25cm 28cm 28kg 42

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