YuTong is a young girl. She only had 1 boyfriend. She is a virgin. She plays piano. She is thin. She has this fantasy and looks for a man to satisfy her: In a tiny piano room with no window, she plays piano. Then a man walks in, blindfolds her with a silk cloth. She keeps playing piano while he touches her gently, plays with her body. The music goes faster and faster, so do his hands. And YuTong cums. Maybe next time, he will fuck her on the piano.    

Size & Info:

Height: 155cm

Weight: 23kg

Bust: 79cm

Under bust: 66cm

Cup: B-Cup

Waist: 57cm

Hips: 92cm

Neck: 26cm

Shoulder: 35cm

Thigh length: 50cm

Thigh circumference: 50cm

Low leg length: 45cm

Calf circumference: 33cm

Upper arm length: 23cm

Upper arm girth: 20cm

Feet: 21.5cm