SE 150cm E cup Life Size Adult Dolls Layla

SE Doll

 Her figure is perfect and she has always been very good at swimming. When she jumped into the water, it was like a fish swimming in the water. The curve of her body swimming is very beautiful, and it will definitely make you feel the desire to bloom. She has been fascinating your sight all the time while swimming, can you imagine she has been waiting for your hug? You can swim with her right now, and her love for you will be deeper!

Doll Measurements:

  • Height: 150cm | 4ft9
  • Bust: 75cm | 29.3 in
  • Bra Size: 26E
  • Waist: 51cm | 19.9 in
  • Hips: 77cm | 30 in
  • Mouth Depth: 12cm | 4.7 in
  • Vagina Depth: 17cm | 6.6 in
  • Anal Depth: 17cm | 6.6 in
  • Foot Length: 22cm | 8.6 in
  • Weight: 27kg | 59.5 lbs