Eleanor is an elf. Her hair color is light purple. She has barge breasts. She is so beautiful that all animals in the woods adore her. She is looking for human contact. She wants a life with a human man. She wants to fell like a woman. She is curious about sex and porn. Can you be the man who offers her a life together? Get her today!

Brand Sanhui doll
Material Premium Platinum Silicone
Head #145-6
Joints Ball Joints
Height 145 cm
Head Circle 48 cm
Should Width 33 cm
Bust/Band/Wasit 82 cm / 56 cm / 49 cm
Hips 76 cm
Leg Length 72 cm
Arm/Thigh Circumference 19 cm / 41 cm
Foot Length 20 cm
Oral/Anus/Vagina Depth 10 cm / 12 cm / 17 cm
Weight 25 kg
Package Dimensions 135 cm x 41 cm x 30 cm

SANHUI dolls are made of high-quality medical grade platinum silicone imported from Japan. The body of SANHUI dolls can change postures to meet many of your requirements. SANHUI use softer silicone inside the breasts to make them feel like ultra-real. The makeup is hand-applied and will not fade. You can customize the sex doll from head to toe.