QITA 170cm E cup hat realitic life size doll Aure

Qita Doll

Aure is a fashionable girl. Her whole person is very trendy. Her figure seems to be made by the best craftsman, every detail constantly highlights the art, she is simply a perfect artwork. If you can own this artwork, it will be a very proud thing. Her name is full of hope, and we also hope that she can bring you hope. Looking forward to a better tomorrow together, she will make your life look new.

Brand Qita Doll
Material TPE With A Metal Skeleton
Height 170 cm
Neck Circumference 28 cm
Shoulder Width 36 cm
Bust/Band/Waist 80 cm / 59 cm / 68 cm
Hips 90 cm
Arm Length 50 cm
Hand Length 15 cm
Leg Length 80 cm
Foot Length 21 cm
Arm/Thigh/Calf Circumference 22 cm / 52 cm / 33 cm
Vaginal/Anus Depth 14 cm / 10 cm
Net Weight 42 kg