Hana is wearing erotic lingerie. It can be seen that her clothes are very sexy and go beyond tradition. She is very tall and very gorgeous. You can see her figure is like a supermodel, super long legs, ball-shaped chest, her limbs are very thin, but the chest and buttocks are very plump, blond hair exudes In the light of the sun, she is like an elf or an angel in the jungle. Hurry up and take your little angel home!


Height: 168cm 
Bust: 97cm
Under Bust: 58cm
Hips: 80cm
Waist: 57cm
Shoulder width: 36cm
Arm circumference: 22cm
Arm length: 46cm
Hand length: 16cm
Leg length: 74cm
Thigh circumference: 45cm
Calf circumferencee: 29cm
vaginal: 14cm
Anus: 10cm
Foot length: 21cm
Neck circumference: 29cm
Net weight: 36KG

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Second purchase

☺️This is the second time I have bought sex dolls in lovedollshop. The first purchase is a perfect experience. I am sure that the second personality love doll will definitely exceed my imagination. This is indeed the case. I think my first love doll is too lonely. She needs to be with me to avoid being lonely when I leave home. I looked at my two sex dolls and felt very proud! They are so tempting that one cannot help but watch their faces carefully. Buying my love on lovedollshop is the most correct decision I made this year. I trust them. They have experienced rapid development. I have also witnessed their progress. I look forward to making more perfect sex dolls in the future.