Lala sat there quietly. She makes you feel very unique, it is difficult for you to see this unique doll. She seemed to freeze her time. She seemed demure and elegant. The whole person is immersed in a quiet atmosphere. The slim waist and dexterous hands make the sexy doll very temperament. Her face is very beautiful, the skin feels almost the same as the real, beautiful eyes seem to speak, if you prefer petite and sexy real dolls, please do not miss her.


Height: 158cm
Bust: 75cm
Under Bust: 49cm
Hips: 75cm
Waist: 56cm
Shoulder width: 34cm
Arm circumference: 20cm
Arm length: 47cm
Hand length: 15cm
Leg length: 75cm
Thigh circumference: 42cm
Calf circumferencee: 27cm
vaginal: 14cm
Anus: 10cm
Foot length: 21cm
Neck circumference: 27cm
Net weight: 30KG

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