JY 170cm small breasts Peach hip sex doll Yuni

Yuni has a very magical magic, it can make rainy days become romantic, can make a good night sweet sleep, can turn all stubbornness into gentleness, and can turn your timidity into a rush toward you. She is an angel's missing pearl in the world, transformed into the most beautiful scenery. Whoever sees her will marvel at her beauty. When she looked at you from a distance, she decided that you were her last destination. It's like white clouds with the sky.

Yuni is a real doll with an average breast size, but her ass is a peach butt, and her overall figure is very good, no less than those with big breasts. She has short hair that makes her look more pure, and she also reveals maturity in her purity. So if you like this type of doll, then you can get started.



  • Product style: 170cm  Peach hip
  • Neck circumference: 27cm
  • Shoulder width: 37cm
  • Upper bust: 79cm
  • Under bust :62cm
  • Waist: 52cm
  • Hips: 92cm
  • Arm length: 68cm
  • Palm length: 15cm
  • Leg length: 90cm
  • Foot length: 23cm
  • Mouth length: 12cm
  • Cave length: 22cm
  • Anal hole length: 20cm
  • Body weight: 34kg
  • Packing size:158*41*29

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