JY 170cm Peach hip sex doll Pretty


No one knows what will happen in the future, but we now know that in the last second and this second and the next, her beauty is fascinating. She is so good that it is unforgettable, and this beauty is aggressive, she is like a most skilled sniper. It hits your heart all at once, and the heart keeps beating, just because she is so beautiful.

Pretty is a girl with big eyes, she looks very energetic, and her eyebrows reveal firmness. Her skin is a bit dark, which makes her look particularly healthy. She will be a good partner for you. You tell her your thoughts, and when you see her eyes, you will feel that she is affirming and encouraging you. She will not hold the opposite opinion with you, she will only take your thoughts. 


  • Product style: 170cm  Peach hip
  • Neck circumference: 27cm
  • Shoulder width: 37cm
  • Upper bust: 79cm
  • Under bust :62cm
  • Waist: 52cm
  • Hips: 92cm
  • Arm length: 68cm
  • Palm length: 15cm
  • Leg length: 90cm
  • Foot length: 23cm
  • Mouth length: 12cm
  • Cave length: 22cm
  • Anal hole length: 20cm
  • Body weight: 34kg
  • Packing size:158*41*29