JY 170cm large breasts sex doll Beay


Her appearance is so strange, suddenly tall, suddenly taller. When you don’t click on the picture, you will think she may look pretty. But when you click on the big picture, it will be difficult for you to look away. She has no dead ends at 360 degrees, and she is very beautiful. Especially her temperament, she feels very quiet, like a girl in college who likes to read.

Beay wore a pink party dress, a pink matching necklace, and a bag, she looked like a lady going to the party. A curled head curled up on the side, so that her slender neck was just right exposed, making her special sexy and temperamental. If you like this type of sexy doll, please don't hesitate.



  • Product style: 170cm  Big breasts
  • Neck circumference: 26cm
  • Shoulder width: 35cm
  • Upper bust: 100cm
  • Under bust : 58cm
  • Waist: 56cm
  • Hips: 98cm
  • Arm length: 66cm
  • Palm length: 15cm
  • Leg length: 90cm
  • Foot length: 21cm
  • Mouth length: 12cm
  • Cave length: 16cm
  • Anal hole length: 14cm
  • Body weight: 43kg
  • Packing size:158*42*35

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