Irontech 168cm red summer sex doll Saya

Irontech Sex Doll

Saya dresses very simply, she is a physical education teacher. Her body is full of explosive power, because after long-term training, she already knows how to regulate her body. She wears very little clothes during training, so that her figure can be fully revealed. You can see her slender waist, slender legs and two beating little white rabbits. Her appearance always gathers the eyes of a group of men, can you conquer this sexy stunner?

Size & Info

  • Height:168cm
  • Bust:88cm
  • Underbust: 72cm
  • Waistline:62cm
  • Hip line:96cm
  • Shoulder width: 35cm
  • Arm length: 71cm
  • Leg Length: 92cm
  • Foot Length: 23cm
  • Weight: 38kg
  • Package: 160 x 45 x 32cm

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