Sandra‘s legs are extremely slender, and very fair and tender. She is like a fairy in the jungle, showing endless beauty and innocence. It's hard not to be attracted by her temperament and appearance. Because everything about her is so perfect, the wealthy girl is innocent and cute, and has some maturity.
There are three holes in her body that you can use, and you can enjoy the ultimate pleasure anywhere. And the feelings everywhere are absolutely novel. She is very petite, you can change her posture at any time according to your needs, because you do not need to consider her weight.


Height Full Bust Under Bust Waist Hips Weight Arm Length Shoulder Width Calf Circum Thigh Circum Leg Length Foot Length Carton Size
155cm 74cm 63cm 57cm 82cm 30kg 54cm 33cm 30cm 44cm 81cm 21.5cm 144*38*26

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