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Gynoid Doll

Andy is a sales girl working in a high-end night club. Every evening and late night she has to hustle. Daytime she has to sleep. She never has time to meet a decent man. She is looking for a man like you, who can treat her right. In exchange, she is willing to do anything you want in bedroom, or in a dark alley.

The GT-165/D aka Model 16 is a life-sized and life-like artwork level doll by Chinese manufacturer Gynoid Tech.

The GT-165/D is made of silicone. She has articulated (jointed) fingers and is shipped with upgraded packaging. Her body height is about 165 cm and she weights ca. 32 kg (±3 kg; manufacturer specs).

Body measurements: 86 cm (breasts) × 61 cm (waist) × 90 cm (hips) / 68 cm (under bust circumference) / 37 cm (shoulder width).

The appearance of this doll may be customized with varying eye colors and pubic hair styles, and the skeletal joints can be adjusted with different degrees of looseness respectively tightness.