Do you like comics? Do you like those cute characters with big eyes and small mouths in comics? doll house 168 has made many mini comic sex dolls in order to meet the emotional needs of comic lovers. These comic sex dolls have very exaggerated big eyes, not very obvious nose, and small mouth. If you are looking for a comic sex doll, choose doll house 168.

In the early days, Doll House 168's business was to represent some Chinese brands of physical dolls. In 2015, they decided to transform into a manufacturer of TPE sex dolls based on the experience accumulated from years of selling dolls.

In the prototype design, they insist on their own style, uphold the pursuit of beauty and sexiness, in order to create a goddess in the hearts of men. At the same time, they continue to improve the material formula, hoping that the doll can give customers closer to the touch of real people. In addition, they also have a lot of breakthroughs in the design of the skeleton, so their love dolls can be more close to the real life of the vivid pose.

The advantages of doll house 168:

Head connector:

The EVO series features a new “Push-Fit” head connector, for a quick and easy head swap. The push-fit connector allows the head to be removed and re-installed without the need to rotate the head, simply position and press down. The new EVO head connector also comes with its own unique hanging kit to allow for vertical storage.

The EVO skeleton:

The EVO series features an EVO skeleton upgrade that is built-in (cannot be changed to the classic skeleton). The EVO skeleton has the following features built-in:

  • 1.Shrugging Shoulders
  • 2.Lateral hip bend from left to right
  • 3.Enabled full kneel bend for sitting on the knees
  • 4.Enabled Squatting

Hymen Option:

The EVO series has a “virgin doll” upgrade available for the fixed vagina options (not available for vagina insert options or sound system feature). The hymen feature imitates the hymen which will break upon first penetration to give the ultimate virgin experience. 

Wireless Touch Sensor Sound System option:

The wireless touch sensor sound system upgrade enables realistic moans and groans when activated:

  • 1.On/Off feature
  • 2.USB charger compatible
  • 3.Speaker embedded into the head
  • 4.Touch sensors are embedded into the breasts & vagina areas
  • 5.Head is fully removable
  • 6.Wires and electronics fully concealed

Size & Info 

Height: 80cm Small breasts
Head circumference: 34.5cm
Weight: 6kg
Neck: 12cm
Shoulder: 18cm
Bust: 42.5cm
Under bust: 30cm
Cup: E Cup
Waist: 30cm
Hips: 52.5cm
Thigh length: 20cm
Thigh circumference: 26cm
Low leg length: 22cm
Calf circumference: 17cm
Upperarm length: 13cm
upper arm girth: 12cm
Forearm length: 12.5cm
forearm girth: 11cm
Feet: 11cm
Vagina: 17cm
Anus: Non
Oral: Non
Carton size: 82x22x16cm 11kgs