Doll forever 170cmTPE sex doll Grant


Hey there, fellas! Are you ready to take your wildest fantasies to a whole new level? Introducing the one and only Doll forever 170cmTPE sex doll, Grant! This bad boy is here to make all your dreams come true!

Imagine a companion who will always be there for you, no matter what. Grant is your loyal partner, ready to fulfill your desires. With his charming smile and chiseled physique, he's the ultimate dreamboat. This dude is made from high-quality TPE material, which feels incredibly realistic to touch and cuddle. Trust us, you won't be able to keep your hands off him!

Grant is not just another doll; he's the definition of perfection. From his strong jawline to his captivating eyes, every detail has been expertly crafted to bring you the most pleasurable experience. Whether you're into the rough and rugged type or the sensitive and caring guy, Grant can transform into your ideal man, helping you explore your deepest desires.

Not only does Grant look like a Greek god, but he's also incredibly flexible. You can pose him in any way you desire, making every moment feel like a real-life adventure. Whether you're up for a steamy night indoors or a wild escapade in the great outdoors, Grant will be right there with you, ready to fulfill your every desire.

But wait, there's more! Grant is low-maintenance and easy to clean, so you can focus on enjoying your time together without any hassle. Plus, our discreet packaging ensures that your little secret stays just that - a secret!

So, what are you waiting for, hot stuff? Don't deny yourself the pleasure you deserve. Grab your very own Doll forever 170cmTPE sex doll, Grant, and let the fun begin! Remember, this is your chance to turn your fantasies into reality. Don't miss out on the ultimate pleasure experience. Get Grant today!

Height 170cm
Male doll
Weight 40kgs
Neck 34cm
Shoulder 46cm
Bust 93cm
Under bust 83cm
Cup -
Waist 66cm
Hips 83cm
Thigh length 52cm
Thigh circumference 51cm
Low leg length 50cm
Calf circumference 33cm
Upperarm length 35cm
upper arm girth 32cm
Forearm length 38cm
forearm girth 25cm
Feet 27cm
Vagina/Penis Length 17cm
Anus 17cm
Oral 11cm
Packed weight 49kgs
Dimensions 170x52x33cm