Doll Castle 163cm Blonde Sexy Doll Kai Ling

Doll Castle

Doll Castle's 163cm Blonde Sexy Doll Kai Ling is the perfect addition to your collection!
Kai Ling is a beautiful and sensual doll with an incredible figure.
The perfect size for cuddling and exploring, Kai Ling is sure to become your new best friend.
With her realistic features and lifelike movements, Kai Ling is the closest you'll ever come to having your own personal sex slave.
Order now and you'll also receive a free blindfold, lube, and vibrator to help get you started!

Introducing the Doll Castle 163cm Blonde Sexy Doll Kai Ling! This gorgeous doll comes with her own castle, and is sure to be a hit with anyone who loves dolls. She's got long blonde hair and blue eyes, and is dressed in a sexy outfit that is sure to turn heads. Order now and have her delivered to your door!

Bust 78
Under Bust 59
Waist 54
Hip 93
Width 35
Arm 65
Leg 78
Foot 21
Net Weight 35.5
Package Size 160*40*31
Package Weight 41