HaiTang is a beautiful young girl. She has long and dark hair. She is in a JK costume with white stockings. She may look like a normal quiet girl. She is actually very kinky! She is into hardcore sex and pain. She loves breath game. Sometimes, she can only cum when she is tied up. She want a mature man to join her on the BDSM lifestyle. She is a submissive slave. Do you like her? Take her home today!

HaiTang is a Bezlya Doll 2.0. Her head is silicone with planted eyebrows and hair. Her face is extremely realistic with exquisite makeup. Her TPE body touches real and looks real. The paint job is god. You can upgrade her skeleton too.   

Size & Info:

Height: 163cm

Shoulder width: 36cm

Foot length: 22cm

Bust: 78cm

Under Bust: 65cm

Waist: 61cm

Hips: 87cm

Arm length: 69cm

Leg length: 100cm

Body Weight: 40.45kg 

Head Weight: 1.706kg

Package: 153*40*32cm

Gross Weight: 50kg