JieGeng is a university sophomore. She had boyfriends before. She only let them get to second base. Now she wants to try sex. She think it’s the best to lose her virginity to a mature experienced man. Because she was told some men are really good at sex. They can make women cum again and again. She wants a sophisticated man. Can you be him? Take her home today.

JieGeng is a Bezlya Doll 2.1. Her body is made of environmentally friendly biodegradable medical grade silicone. Her skin looks and touches real. You can see her pores, veins and all skin details. Her body can matches with all Bezlya Doll 2.0 heads.

More advanced functions:

  • No lube needed: With a few drops of water, her love holes are wet enough for you.
  • Four different catalogs of love holes: The fourth one are the most stimulating.
  • Double filling Soft boobs: First the boobs are made hollow, then fill in with extra soft silicone.
  • Weight reduced: 35% less. A woman can easily carry a Bezlya Doll 2.1.
  • Hands with skeleton: The hands very much look like real human hands. Bezlya Doll 2.1 hands have more realistic feeling than other brands.

Size & Info:

Height: 160cm

Shoulder width: 36cm

Foot length: 22cm

Bust: 83cm

Under Bust: 70cm

Waist: 60cm

Hips: 88cm

Arm length: 64cm

Leg length: 93cm

Body Weight: 32.75kg 

Head Weight: 2.174kg

Package: 145*40*32cm

Gross Weight: 43kg