AS doll 168cm small breast real sex doll Hermosa

Hermosa. She is a football baby, a football fan, and a cheerleader. Because of her obsession with football, she went from an ordinary fan to a chance to meet the cheerleader. Later, she practiced cheerleading and finally joined the cheerleading team recently. She has a very good figure, cheerleading is very attractive and attractive, which makes her know many men on the football field.

  • Brand: AS Sex Dolls
  • Dimensions 
  • Material: TPE
  • Height:168cm
  • Body:150cm
  • Neck:28cm
  • Shoulder:37cm
  • Upper Breast:80cm
  • Under Breast:62cm
  • Waist:52cm
  • Hip:92m
  • Arm:68cm
  • Palm:15cm
  • Leg:90cm
  • Foot:23cm

  • Stats
  • Mouth:12cm
  • Penis:22cm
  • Anus:14cm
  • Net Weight:33KG
  • Pakage Size:160*42*31

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