AS Doll |163cm (32.5kg) Big Breast Love Doll-Emily

AS Doll

If you like a busty woman with big breast,Emily is your best choice. She is really beautiful, with a height of 163cm and a weight of 32.5kg.Some men fight to get to bed with her. She has thick curly hair and is a mixed race. Emily is completely different from the oriental girls. Her hot body and personality are her characteristics. She has a strong sexual desire and often masturbates at home alone. She has been waiting for someone to enjoy the journey of sex with her.

Brand: AS Sex Dolls

  • Height:163cm
  • Body:144cm
  • Neck:27cm
  • Shoulder:33cm
  • Upper Breast:87cm
  • Under Breast:54cm
  • Waist:51cm
  • Hip:87cm
  • Arm:63cm
  • Palm:14cm
  • Leg:88cm
  • Foot:20cm


  • Mouth:12cm
  • Penis:16cm
  • Anus:14cm
  • Net Weight:32.5KG
  • Pakage Size:154*42*31

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