Raven. She actually looks very mature, but she likes to dress herself cute. She likes all matte things, so she maintains herself very matte. Keep yourself young through various skin care and injections. In the same way, her body is also well maintained. The pink nipples, the pink vulva, and the pink vagina are all the favorites of men's fantasy.


  • Height: 161cm | 5ft
  • Net Weight: 33kg | 72.5lbs
  • Upper Breast: 78cm | 30.7in.
  • Under Breast: 62cm | 24.4in.
  • Waist: 60cm | 23.6in.
  • Hip: 84cm | 33.1in.
  • Foot: 21cm | 8.3in.
  • Mouth: 12cm | 4.7in.
  • Vagina: 16cm | 6.3in.
  • Anus: 14cm | 5.5in.