Aibei Doll |165cm Skinny Sex Doll With Big Breast-Alonya

Aibei Doll

Alonya clearly realizes that a woman's misfortune lies in being surrounded by almost irresistible temptation; she is not required to work hard, but is only encouraged to slide down to bliss. When she realized that she had been fooled by a mirage, it was too late, and her strength had been exhausted in a failed adventure.

So she is a very aggressive girl, she hopes to obtain a kind of personality independence. She will not rely too much on male charity, but create her own. It's hard not to be touched by such a girl, she deserves all your love. When you love her wholeheartedly, she will put away all her strengths and become your exclusive gentle wife,

Brand: AiBEI GIRLS Sex Dolls


  • TPE Sex Doll 
  • 5 ft. 4 inches tall (165 cm.)
  • Vaginal, Anal, and Oral orifices
  • Steel Metal Skeleton full range and flexible joints


  • Bust: 35 inches
  • Waist: 19.7 inches
  • Hips: 31.9 inches

Cavity Depth 

  • Vagina: 7 inches
  • Anus: 6.3 inches
  • Mouth: 5.1 inches