168cm 5 feet 6 inches tall Silicone Sex Doll Goldie


If you like an unshaved woman, Goldie is your best choice. She is really beautiful. She has bush-like pubic hair outside her vagina. Some men fight to get to bed with her. She has blond hair and is a mixed race. This 5-foot-6 girl Goldie is completely different from the oriental soft breath, and her hot body and personality are her characteristics.

She’s naturally shy and submissive, and is going to be a perfect choice for guys who want their women to always look up to them for guidance and instructions.

She takes instructions very well in bed too, and it won’t be long before Goldie is pleasing and pleasuring you in exactly the way you like it…

Key Features

  • Blonde Silicone Sex Doll
  • 5 foot 6 inches tall
  • Vaginal, Anal and Oral sex is possible
  • Steel Skeleton with movable joints

Doll Measurements

  • Height: 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm)
  • Weight: 71 lbs (32kg)
  • Bust: 33 inches
  • Waist: 21 inches
  • Hips: 34 inches
Hole Depth (how deep each of her holes are)
  • Vagina: 8 inches
  • Anus: 6.7 inches
  • Oral: 4.1 inches

    Shipping Information

    • Free International Shipping
    • Discreet Packaging - the box is completely plain and unlabeled.
    • Doll requires 1 week processing time + 1 week for shipping = 2 weeks total time until delivery.


    Characteristics of Sanhui Dolls

    1.New Flexi Edition skeleton
    The Flexi Edition skeleton innovation gives sex dolls more possibilities and can cooperate with users to complete more difficult movements. Doll lovers who like SM may not wait to have her, she is a yoga Sex doll.
    Blue underwear is a normal skeleton
    Red underwear is the Flexi Edition skeleton
    slim sex doll
    SanHui slim sex doll
    Of course, the sanhui doll is made of a normal skeleton by default. If you want to upgrade the skeleton, you need to add a custom fee of $200. Sanhui doll invested a lot of time and energy in the design of the new skeleton, and really carried out the test to the extreme. These are costs, so he had to charge for this technology.
    2.moveable chin
    Sanhui's new adjustable oral function is really amazing. This allows sex dolls to have more facial expressions, more flexible and realistic, and have a good experience in oral sex. This is the advantage of sanhui dolls. The new adjustable mouth function is applicable to #145-4, #145-5, #8, #23, #31, #32 heads
    sex doll head
    3. Integrated design of head and body
    Sanhui145cm AIO's integrated head and body design removes the connecting line between the neck and the body. This doll looks more real, but the disadvantage is that the user cannot change the head, so if you buy a sanhui entity doll with a head and body, then You need to love that head very much.
    female sex doll
    4. Movable eyes
    Movable eyes can be achieved by many doll manufacturers on the market, but the good or bad is whether the movable eyes are flexible and stable. The movable eyes of Sanhui doll can be moved according to the pose and expression of the doll, creating a more vivid expression, which is the pursuit of many doll photographers. Therefore, you will find that many doll lovers on the forum like to use sanhui dolls to create characters, because they are so flexible and cute.
    love doll
    5. Teeth and movable tongue 
    Sanhui dolls can be customized with beautiful teeth and movable tongue. These two parts can enrich the doll's facial expressions. Like the movable eyes, they are both powerful weapons for the doll to become vivid.
    love doll
    6.Super soft filler
    Multiple parts of Sanhui doll can be filled with super soft material. SANHUI now provides four additional options of "soft breast", "soft abdomen", "soft hip", and "soft thigh". All these additional options will make the doll more realistic .
    7.Realistic skin
    SanHui doll has a "textured skin" function, which can simulate real human skin and make the doll look beautiful and realistic. Every doll enthusiast should not want to miss it. Although he needs to pay, the value of this experience is much higher than the amount you paid. Although Sanhui's skin texture painting is not as good as EX Doll and Gynoid Doll, it is basically better than 90% of doll factories.
    sex doll handsex doll skin

    Customization options of Sanhui Doll

    1. Wig customization options.
    Sanhui provides 16 wig customization options. The customized hair transplant version requires an additional charge, and the price of implanted real hair and implanted wigs is different.
    2.Skin color customization options.
    SANHUI provides four standard skin color options. Customizing realistic skin textures requires an additional fee.
    3.For eyeball customization options, sanhui provides 8 eyeball colors for custom movable eyeballs.
    sex doll eyes
    4.Breast customization, sanhui provides three different breast customization options, extra soft padding requires an extra charge.
    5. Custom areola color, sanhui doll provides 3 kinds of areola style customization
    6.Nail color customization, sanhui doll provides 3 kinds of areola style customization
    7. Lower body color customization, sanhui provides 2 kinds of lower body color customization, if you need to customize pubic hair, you need to pay extra
    8. Customization of lower body type, sanhui provides 2 kinds of lower body type customization
    9.Toe nail color customization, sanhui provides 3 kinds of toe nail color customization
    10.Standing model customization
    Of course, there are many customization options for sanhui dolls, but some customization options are paid, such as:
    1.Soft belly
    2.Soft buttocks
    3.Super soft lower body
    4.Soft thighs on both sides
    5.Movable chin
    6.Areola reinforcement color
    7.Lower body reinforcement color
    8.Virgin touch
    9.Add first blood
    These customization options are all functions that can make the doll more perfect. Sanhui's improvement in the doll experience has never lost to other sex doll brands.

    Sanhui Doll Accessories and Delivery

    produncts informationsanhui doll delivery

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    Lovedollshops’ parent company, Shenzhen Aidou Robot Co., Ltd., and the sanhui doll brand signed an agency contract on January 17, 2021. Sanhui doll authorizes lovedollshops to sell sanhui dolls. Sanhui also announced the cooperative agency website on the website, which customers can check. We guarantee that the sanhui dolls on the website are authentic.

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    (1) Ensure that it is genuine, not a doll made by a small Chinese garbage factory
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