168cm Sex Dolls Full TPE Realistic Silicone Doll lovedollshop Huttrey


Huttrey. She is a very simple girl. Although her appearance and figure look very mature, and her outfit is particularly sexy, her thoughts do not match her appearance. She is very simple, as pure as a bowl of water.


(Height): 168cm
(Weight): 37kg
(Bust): 88cm
(The waist): 56cm
(Hip): 81cm
(Shoulder width): 37cm
(Arm length): 50cm
(Foot long): 22cm
(Thigh length): 88cm
(lateral thigh): 98cm
(Leg length): 55cm
(palm): 17cm
(Neck): 26cm
( The depth of the mouth): 14cm
( The depth of the vagina): 15cm
(The depth of the anus): 15cm

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