168cm ( 5.51ft ) Flat Breast Black Thin Sex Doll Kama


Kama is a very popular realistic sex doll. The sexy doll’s figure is very good. The shape of her breasts is also perfect. The slim waist and dexterous hands make the sexy doll very temperament.Her face is very beautiful, the skin feels almost the same as the real, beautiful eyes seem to speak, if you prefer petite and sexy real dolls, please do not miss her.

Height 140cm B 148cm 158cm B 165cm B 168cm S(As Model) 168cm B
Breast 79cm 73cm 87cm 91cm 69cm 90cm
Waist 52cm 50cm 50cm 52cm 54cm 53cm
Hip 76cm 77cm 87cm 89cm 75cm 85cm
Cross Shoulder 31cm 30cm 32cm 34cm 32cm 35cm
Arm length 37cm 41cm 50cm 50cm 45cm 60cm
Hand length 15cm 14cm 16cm 16cm 15cm 16cm
Leg length 74cm 74cm 83cm 88cm 95cm 95cm
Foot length 17cm 15cm 19cm 19cm 21cm 22cm
Arm circumference 21cm 21cm 23cm 23cm 19cm 20.5cm
Thigh circumference 40cm 40cm 43cm 44cm 44cm 46cm
Calf circumference 24cm 25cm 27cm 28cm 28cm 30cm
Neck circumference 27cm  27cm  26cm 27cm 26cm 29cm
Net Weight 25kg 26kg 34kg 35kg 28kg 36kg
Gross Weight 34 35 43 43 39 44


  • Size for manual measurement, there may be several centimeters error, belongs to the normal phenomenon. 
  • Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.
  • We promise: You will get 100% same as picture dolls. As Model is with the same head and body size. If you choose the other height doll, you will get the doll with same head and different body size. 

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