158cm blonde Beautiful Real TPE Silicone Sex Doll Emily

Emily is a blonde and her body is full of vitality. You can see that her breasts are not big, just like a little girl. This is indeed the case, her figure is petite and cute, and she looks at this ever-changing society with pure eyes. There was no worldly dust in her eyes. She is like an angel, bringing you a magical experience in heaven. If you are still looking for your dream lover, I believe she must be your best choice.


  • Height: 158cm
  • Material: TPE with metal skeleton
  • 158cm
  • Bust 83cm
  • Waist 50cm
  • Hip 78cm
  • Arm length 63cm
  • Feet length 21cm
  • Net weight 35kg
  • Vagina depth 18cm
  • Oral depth 13cm
  • Anal depth 17cm
  • Packing specification 148*38*28

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