Dongguan AF Silicone Products Factory

Dongguan AF Silicone Products Factory was established in 2012. The AF factory specializes in manufacturing and processing various types of TPE male and female sex dolls with bones, solid silicone models, intelligent pronunciation, heating and other high-tech products. With its stylish and individual design, high-quality material selection, considerate service, and reasonable price, AF Doll is deeply loved by sex doll fans.

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The material of AF doll's sex doll is imported high-quality TPE material. The material is extremely similar to our human body's real skin, soft, delicate, smooth and elastic in terms of real hand and visual perception. AF DOLL has independently innovated a unique production process, including real-life casting and overall shaping, and strives to make each doll perfect.

AF doll is a highly realistic lifelike sex toy, it has the following characteristics:

1. It is well known that inflatable dolls are inflated inside, which not  realistic at all. But the solid sex doll is different, Its interior is not inflatable but solid, made of non-toxic and odorless silicone or TPE. Nowadays, solid sex dolls have very high lifelike skin and feel almost the same as real people. The quality of silicone or TPE sex doll material is high and durable. A solid sex doll can be used for many years. The A solid sex doll is also dustproof and easy to clean, so you can use it easily.

2.Each joint of the AF sex doll is made of polymer synthetic resin material, and there is a high-quality stainless steel mechanical frame inside, so that the af sex doll can change all kinds of sex positions you want, and you will feel more comfortable when sex with a sex doll . You will treat the sex doll as a sexy, charming, beautiful, and considerate lover.

3. AF sex dolls have an automatic heating design, which can heat the temperature of the vagina and breasts similar to the temperature of the real human body at 37°C, making it closer to the feeling of a real person

4. In order to get closer to the real people, the AF doll factory is equipped with a vibration sensor in the body of teh sex doll. The vibration sensor can feel your body language 100%, the sex doll will send out the sounds through the frequency and amplitude of the pressing, kneading and other actions. 

5.AF love dolls are generally made of high-quality TPE materials, which have unique characteristics: water resistance, ozone resistance, aging resistance, not easy to corrode, non-toxic, non-tasteless, and chemically stable. At the temperature of -65°C-200°C, it can maintain soft and elastic properties for a long time.

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Precautions for the use of AF solid sex doll

1. The skin of the AF sex doll is very delicate and shiny, so don't let it close to the fire, and don't touch sharp things, to avoid scratches and affect the appearance.

2. The AF doll should not come into contact with easily contaminated objects such as ink to avoid staining.

3. Although the AF doll can change any sex position, when changing the position and bending the sex doll, try not to exceed the specific bending range, so as not to strain the skin of the entity doll.

4. When carrying the sex doll, don't pull its limbs or head, but hug the body of the AF doll to carry it.

5. The wig and clothes of AF doll can be changed into different styles.

6. There will be a layer of oil on the surface of the AF doll's skin. This is normal. It is to protect the skin and prevent skin cracking.

7. Do not touch the water when cleaning the AF doll with intelligent heating function, so as to avoid circuit failure. In order to prevent the bad consequences caused by the failure of the temperature control system, the sex doll must be monitored throughout the heating process. The heating time is about one hour (the specific time varies depending on the season and the region). If the temperature is enough, please Cut off the power supply immediately.

9. AF dolls can reduce the spread of sexual diseases, but if multiple people use the same sex doll, there is a risk of infectious diseases, so AF sex dolls can only be used exclusively by yourself, and they should be cleaned in time after use and pay attention to hygiene. Sharing is prohibited.