About Sex Doll

About Sex Doll

What are Sex Dolls?

Sex doll is a type of sex toy that's crafted artistically to take after the most attractive women and men on the planet earth. Literally, life like sex doll bodies are anatomically perfect from their toes all the way up to their eyes. The aim of real doll manufacturing companies is to mold both male and female love dolls professionally to touch and resemble a lifelike human.

Every sex toy doll is solid and will be crafted and shipped to you while having anatomic accessories, for instance, the anus, penis, vagina, breasts, among others. Thanks to advanced technology, some modern-day sex dolls are fitted with heating sensors that can replicate the skin temperature of actual human bodies. In the future, with the advancement in technology, manufacturers of sex dolls are trying to incorporate Artificial Intelligence in their real sex dolls.

People are fed up with the never-moving sexual partner. Now they wanted to see a few more unique features in it. Those robot sex dolls (AI sex dolls) will be more appealing.

Note: Don't confuse blow up sex dolls (inflatable sex dolls) with our realistic sex dolls for sale, our solid sexy dolls are made out of TPE or Silicone material, so they have the most realistic touch and feel. You can enjoy a perfect pleasure when have sex with sex dolls.

What materials are your dolls made of?

We offer high quality medical silicone dolls and TPE dolls.

Our dolls also have a flexible and fully articulated posable skeleton that will allow you to use them in any position you ever imagined.

All our dolls have been sculptured by experience sculptors and created to provide realistic sexual pleasure. Their bodies simulate lifelike vagina, anal and oral sex openings (oral for TPE and a few silicone models only). Both TPE and silicone are waterproof.

How to make a sex dolls?

Main body part. The main part of the body is mainly the upper body without a head. This part is relatively simple. We can use a unified mold, add the corresponding production materials, and then wait for remolding, a half body sex doll is completed. However, if we want to make a customized sex doll, It is necessary to make molds of corresponding sizes separately, which takes a certain amount of time and labor, so customized ones will also be more expensive.

The production of the head is relatively difficult, because it takes a lot of time to make a realistic face, and it takes us a lot of time and we has to bear the risk of multiple failures, so manufacturers usually choose to use 3D printing technology, 3D printing technology can easily print a delicate face.

The production of the chest also needs to be more careful, because what customers need is a sex doll with a soft and realistic chest.

Makeup and dress. After the sex doll is completely assembled, the manufacturer has to carefully dress her, just like this sex doll is going to date with you, put on a delicate makeup, wear beautiful clothes, and wear a beautiful wig , with beautiful nails... A very beautiful and touching sex doll is finished.

What options can customize your dream sex doll?


The body refers to the model number and often includes the height, breast size and manufacture of the doll.

Example - WM166C. The Brand is WM, the height is 166cm, and the breast cup is C.

When viewing a pre-configured sex doll, the body is pre-selected. To change the body, search through our sex dolls here, and select a doll with a body that you like. Doll's come in all different shapes and sizes.

Almost any body-shape imaginable is available.


All heads have a specific name or number (depending on the manufacturer). Most manufacturers give their doll's head a number, some manufacturers give them names.

The head name or number can be found in the doll's description.

Heads are not connected permanently to the doll's body (unless purchasing a Piper Doll) and can be removed or changed at any time.

All heads can be made to look very different depending on make-up, eye colour and wig choice.

We list the most popular heads on our site or you can give us a picture to custom your own doll head.


Skin refers to the doll's head and/or body colour.

Each manufacturer has unique skin colour options, each with a specific name.

Most manufacturers have a variety of skin tones ranging from white, natural, pink, light tan, tanned & cocoa.

The most popular sex doll skin tones are "Tanned" and "Light Tan".

Eye colour:

Eyes for sex dolls

The eyes of a sex doll are not fixed permanently and can be removed/changed at any point.

A change of eye colour can significantly change the whole look of your doll.

Can't decide which eye colour you like best? Why not add an extra set of eyes so you can switch between the two colours any time you like?


Each manufacturer has a specific selection of wigs that they offer, dolls don't grow their own hair, they have wigs. There are a huge amount of wigs to choose from.

The wigs available have been chosen by the manufacturer, the selection is designed to give you a wide variety of styles to choose from.

Areola size:

The areola is the circular area surrounding the nipples, the size refers to the diameter of the areola.

The areola is hand finished (stained by hand using TPE stain) by the workshop artists and can be made to any size (within reason). However, the dolls often have a textured area pre-moulded into the doll's body which can restrict the recommended areola sizes, these textured areas are usually visible in the doll's photos. Of course, it is possible to stain the doll's areola to any size larger than the textured area, but it's not necessarily recommended...

Areola colour:

dollsMedium areola option for sex dolls

The areola is the circular area surrounding the nipples.

The areola colour is hand finished (stained by hand using TPE stain) by the workshop artists and can be made any colour. Generally, we recommend making the areola and labia colour the same or similar.

Vagina option:

The vagina option is available in two options: Fixed or Insert.

The fixed vagina is a built-in-vagina, permanently moulded into the doll's body.

The insert vagina option looks similar, but the internal opening is slightly wider to accommodate a removable "sleeve" insert, designed to ease the cleaning process.

Here are some pros and cons for both options so you can make up your own mind.


Many (but not all) of the dolls available offer the choice of solid, or hollow breast.

What's the difference? Other than one being hollow and the other NOT being hollow... The hollow breasts are "squishier" and help with reducing the overall weight of the doll, particularly if you are considering a doll with extra large boobies...

Labia colour:

The labia is hand coloured to your requirements. All manufacturers offer basic colouring and definition, some manufacturers (such as Irontech) offer ultra-realistic artistic definition and detail in the naughty parts upon request.

Pubic Hair:

We all know what pubic hair is, some of us love it, some of us can't stand the stuff...

Either way, pubic hair is available in multiple styles and colours.  Some manufacturers (like Irontech) plug the hair into the doll's skin to give it a more realistic look and feel. Others simply glue the hair onto the surface of the doll's skin.

Fingernail + Toenail Colour:

Like real fingernails + toenails, they can be painted. There's not a lot more to explain about nail colour, other than - You can choose the colour.


Standing or non-standing feet for sex dolls

The feet are available in two options: Standing or Non-Standing.

Standing feet are by far the most popular foot option with our sex dolls, as you may have guessed, the standing foot option enables the doll to stand upright.

With the standing feet option, there are three (very small) metal bolt heads that protrude slightly from the bottom of the foot to enable the doll to stand unassisted. In our opinion, this small visual sacrifice is worth it, you can stand your doll for long periods of time for photography, intimacy or storage. However, we recommend not leaving your doll free-standing whilst unsupervised as he/she may fall and become damaged.

How to clean your sex doll?

Soap or shower gel. The doll does not need to be cleaned all over the body every day. You can clean the doll every 15 days. At other times, you only need to gently wipe the skin of the sex doll with a wet towel to clean the skin and let the dust off the surface.

Vaginal irrigator. The vaginal irrigator is a very convenient tool for cleaning sex dolls after use. Just move the doll to a clean position. In this position, the doll can drain, fill the vaginal irrigator with soap and water, and directly use the vaginal irrigator to rinse the inside of the doll. For best results, after using the doll, it is best to rinse it with cold water before adding soap or shower gel with warm water.

Loofah brush. The use of vaginal irrigators is limited. If you want to perform a larger range and a degree of cleaning, in order to obtain greater cleaning power, you can buy a loofah brush with stronger cleaning power. The loofah brush is both soft and hard, it can not damage the skin or internal organs of the doll when it is highly cleaned, and it is particularly convenient.

Care after washing. After cleaning, you need to gently wipe the baby's skin with a clean towel to dry it naturally, keeping the skin dry and soft. In the process of care, don't be lazy and impatient. Use a hairdryer or other heat sources to dry the doll.