You don’t understand the difference in makeup of real sex doll |

You don’t understand the difference in makeup of real sex doll

September 04, 2020

The facial makeup of a realistic sex doll determines the finished product of a sex doll. Just like a woman, she may be ordinary before makeup, not amazing. A girl who understands makeup very well, if she puts on sweet makeup today, then she is the sweetest girl on the street today. If she wears European and American makeup today, she will be the coolest girl out of the street. As long as she has a proficient and extraordinary makeup technique, when she puts on the most talked about makeup, she can look perfect, but you may not see a trace of her makeup. The same is true for mature sex dolls. When you see two dolls that look similar in the picture, they may also be the same doll, but their makeup is different. If you see two full-size sex dolls with completely different looks, they may also be the same real sex doll, just because they have their own characteristics in the hands of the makeup artist. In fact, a mature sex doll can not only reflect its maturity in its figure, but also its facial makeup. So when you receive the real thing, you feel that your silicone sex doll is different from what you originally expected. It may just be because it has no makeup. You can ask for makeup when you buy, or you can solve your problem by asking a makeup artist to help with makeup.

You don’t understand the difference in makeup of real sex doll

Real doll's head

A newly made silicone sex doll is just a model. Its head is just a smooth round shape, like a duck egg. Then through the implantation technique, the hair is implanted on the top of its head and eyebrows. If you don't want it to have fixed hair, then it does not have to be implanted, and you can choose the hairstyle for it yourself. In the later stage, according to the needs of customers, it is the job of the factory to apply delicate makeup on its face. Of course, when the customer only requires a real sex doll of this size, there are no other special requirements. The manufacturer usually ships a realistic sex doll without makeup directly from the factory. So at this time, many customers will respond that the actual doll received is different from the sex doll seen in the picture. This is just because the face of the real doll does not have the makeup of the real doll in the picture. In addition to the usual big eyes, nose, and closed mouth, the doll's head can also have closed eyes and open mouth. So the head of the entity doll is not just a simple head.

You don’t understand the difference in makeup of real sex doll

Real doll's makeup

The makeup of a sex doll is very important to a doll as a whole. This determines whether it is a cute sex doll or a mature sex doll. Its makeup is applied by the makeup artist stroke by stroke. With the help of woman's makeup tools, decide on its style, and then makeup. Displaying the eyeliner, the width and length of the eyeliner, can visually change the size of the real sex doll's eyes. Drawing straight eyeliner will make the best sex doll look cute. Draw thick and curled eyeliner, which will make the real doll look domineering and cool. If you draw a thin and slightly raised eyeliner, it will make the real doll look much cute. Eye shadow, this is also a very important step. This will make the style of the real doll different. When the makeup artist chooses darker eyeshadow, it will make the sex doll look more mature. If the makeup artist chooses a pink color, it will make the realistic sex doll look cute. If you choose to mix different colors, it will look more individual. There is also lipstick, lipstick of different tones will also set off the temperament of real dolls. There are also shadows on the face, which will change the face of the curvy sex doll, especially when it is on the mirror. When the shadows are swept in different places, the baby's face will look a little thin in different degrees.

The makeup of the real sex doll will gradually fade over time, so you can change its makeup at this time. According to your preferences, you can also find makeup artists who specialize in changing makeup on the realistic doll's face online. Or choose to make up for it yourself, because some women buy this kind of real sex doll for the purpose of applying makeup to these dolls and practice their own makeup techniques. These all belong to its attributes, but under long-term friction, the wear on the baby's face may speed up.

You don’t understand the difference in makeup of real sex doll

The reason why a mature sex doll looks mature is because of the visual impact of the figure and the visual collision of the face, which makes it look particularly perfect. If a mature figure is paired with cute makeup, it will make it look less mature. Therefore, the style of a silicone doll is mostly determined by the makeup on its face, followed by its proportional size. What style of doll do you want to have? Please contact us to exchange your ideas, we will choose the ideal sex doll in your mind for you. We will provide the best quality services and products to give you a comfortable and satisfying shopping experience.

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