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Will sex dolls become perfect replicas of stars

July 01, 2020

Today, having a sex doll is not a shameful thing, and society is increasingly discussing sex as a public topic. More and more men or women have the desire to buy sex dolls, because reality always cannot satisfy people's desires. Especially some people who chase stars, they love their idols enthusiastically, they are willing to spend money for idols, and even looking for a partner to choose according to the idol's requirements.


Will sex dolls become perfect replicas of stars 

But the reality is always cruel. They can't find a mate who can meet their imagination. They often hover between ideal and reality. So many people chose to be single and worship their idols as gods. However, this situation cannot always solve the existing problem. People deliberately forget it, that is, the fans' hearts are satisfied, then to whom will their physical desires be entrusted?



However, with the development of technology, technology can even restore a real person, which is exactly the same as a real person. The product of this high technology is sex dolls. Sex dolls can completely simulate real people, especially facial features. Many sex dolls can make realistic sex doll head exactly the same. If you only look at the head of the sex doll, you will believe that it is your idol, not to mention Said to add body.

The body of the sex doll is made of highly simulated tpe and silicone. The feel of this material is extremely stimulated. When you touch her, her skin is soft like jelly. The feel of her skin is also like the best porcelain, especially smooth, people can not help but want to keep touching. And the skin of the doll is full of elasticity, you will feel like the pudding just put on the plate, and shake it gently as you move.

The color of the sex doll can also be changed. If the idol you like has clean white skin, then the manufacturer will perfectly reproduce the skin color of your idol strictly. She has countless

possibilities, as long as you like, you can decide her skin color. If you don’t like the details of your idol’s body, you can also ask the manufacturer to make changes, and they will completely obey your preferences.

Will sex dolls become perfect replicas of stars



The five functions of the doll are exactly the same as the real person. Except for the smooth skin, the general figure of the sex doll can also be like your idol, but there are certain errors in the details of the body. After all, the features of your idol are exposed. You can directly see her facial expression. But the part covered by the clothes can't be done. Because everyone's body is different, we can't observe others' bodies through clothes.

 Even the best craftsmen can’t do this. For example, we know what your idol’s bust is, but we don’t know what the idol’s chest looks like, and whether there will be moles on the baby’s chest, and what the idol’s nipple color is. All these require the self-imagination and play of the craftsmen.


Will sex dolls become perfect replicas of stars 

The more opaque things are, the more difficult it is to make, and many require manual imagination, so this leads to certain errors. Although they are similar on the surface, we still cannot get the exact same physical parameters as your idol. But this is not a technical limitation, but a difference caused by the inequality of information. After all, not every idol is willing to make their privacy public, and we cannot make mandatory requirements, which involves moral and legal issues. You know, these are very serious questions.


How to get a perfect replica of an idol?

First, without all the physical parameters of an idol, it is impossible to make a perfect idol replica. This requires the idol to authorize the manufacturer of the doll, which is a very bold move, because no matter how to open sex is, there is a certain amount of shame.

 Many people retain that bottom line, unwilling to expose their privacy to the crowd, and unwilling to tear the last piece of shame. The difference between humans and animals lies in their shame. People cannot openly express their desires, nor can they expose their bodies. So this is currently a difficult problem to solve, and it will take more time to realize this distant dream.

Will sex dolls become perfect replicas of stars


But after getting the idol's authorization, everything is solved. Now some idols are willing to tell the doll manufacturer their body parameters, and the doll maker will perfectly engrave the body of an idol according to the parameters and sell the body to idol fans. Many fans are crazy! Because this means that they have an idol, all parameters are exactly the same as idols, which greatly satisfies their psychological desires. Although this is a bold move, many people are crazy about it.

It takes a long time for best sex dolls to become a perfect substitute for stars, mainly because the moral issues involved need to be solved. And if it causes infringement, it will also cause a lot of bad gossips. So the perfect substitute for idols is still a dream. Although some people may realize this dream now, it is a minority. The dream idol sex doll will definitely realize your beautiful fantasy.

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